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Some Versions of Pastoral

Extended Camera
Extended Camera (2005, 5.5MB, 2:19 min.)

Night Performance #3
Night Performance #3 (2005, 12.1MB, 7:54 min.)

In May 2005 Garrett Lynch & co-conspirators blagged some
money from Arts Council England to spend a weekend at a
country house playing with video.
The result is documented on this great site.

At their best these vids do absolutely match up to the
funding application rhetoric. They combine performance,
technology & layer upon layer of knowingness to produce results
which had me, at least, open mouthed with admiration.


More Larissa Sansour – Happy Days

Larissa Sansour: Happy Days
Larissa Sansour: A Happy Days (2006, 13MB, 2:57 min)

Following on from the work we showed last week from the
excellent Subversions show, here’s another piece by
Larissa Sansour.
This is featured in the other UK show featuring work
from the Arabic speaking world, this time specifically
from artists with roots in Palestine, Navigations at
the Barbican in London.

There’s some tremendous work on show there, not least this
one – all the work Sansour I’ve so far seen has delighted me
by being much better than a verbal description might lead one
to expect. So with this one you might hear:

“To the tune of the theme from Happy Days Larissa Sansour
edits together stills of herself, a Palestinian woman,
in various locations in the occupied territories.”

And you might think:

“Ho-hum, seen it all, virtuous agit-prop, with the usual sledgehammer irony”

and you would be totally wrong.

Of course the irony is there, and anger, of course, but
there’s a lightness of treatment – the Sansour “character”,
the everyday found surrealism of some of the shots, the
little jokes (the titles: “The Palestinian”
– “The Israeli Army as…Itself” &c.)
which, without negating any political content, makes the
whole thing richly human and a pleasure to watch and watch again.

Navigations is definitely worth a visit – there is a great variety
of very engaging work.
Apart from the two Sansour pieces there’s a tremendous semi-documentary
shot in a Miami auto paint and body shop by Shadi Habib Allah
Two complaints though – unlike the lovingly assembled and spacious show
in Manchester, Navigations feels like a somewhat cramped and token
footnote to the “proper business” of the Palestine Film Festival -
publicity for it only appears on the Barbicam website in this context.
(Better than a couple of weeks back when a search for “Navigations” on the Barbican
website yielded precisely – nothing.)
This is disrespectful to artist moving image work in general and
also, I think, to the artists concerned.
Secondly the fact that it sits, looking a tad temporary, on the
busy walk-through mezzanine on four small identical screens, with long
compilation times, gives it an anthropological rather than an art
exhibition character, whilst the (yawn!) Bauhaus blockbuster takes place
upstairs in the galleries proper. This is again disrespectful to
the artists and specifically to them as Palestinian artists:
footnotes, curiosities, on the margins.
Work of this strength and diversity would have made a great large scale
show – Cornerhouse show that it can be done and how to do it very well.
What a shame that the Barbican, with all its resources, doesn’t
seem to understand both why and how it should have attempted something
Nonetheless, if in London, you should go!

Versions, 2010, Oliver Laric

Versions (2010, 115 MB, 8:50 min)

By Oliver Laric.

Oliver Laric – Versions

Versions (2009, 57 MB, 6:25 min)

By Oliver Laric.
From The Internet Pavilion of La Biennale di Venezia.

A Good Joke – Nick Fox-Gieg

A Good Joke (2005, 18.5 MB, 3:16 min.)

This short is based on an old joke, a perennial in compilations of
Jewish humor. Although the details differ between versions, the
scene remains the same: a priest challenges a rabbi to debate on
the spiritual condition of Jewish people. But neither speaks the other’s language.

Commissioned by Project Mosaica, by Nick Fox-Gieg.

Train Coming

Train Coming -Surreal
The Smith Family/Train Coming/ (2007, 1.12MB, 56 sec)

Train Coming
Edward Picot/ (2007, 31.9MB, 2:38 min)

Train Coming -Surreal2
The Smith Family/Train Coming/ (2007, 1.11MB, 57 sec)

I’m going to sign this one, because it’s marginally self-promoting
though not, I think, in a terrifically self-serving way.
I’m currently running a competition on my personal site to either perform, remix
do karaoke versions of, or do basically anything with, a short
(33 sec) song.
To date I haven’t exactly been inundated with entries, but
curiously three out of the current five are little movies &
great they are too.
Don’t think The Smith Family have a website (correct me if I’m
wrong folks) but Edward Picot can be found here & here.
Also – please feel free to have a go yourselves! -details from the competition link above.