Lee Walton – Experientialism

4th June 2008 by michael
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A Record on Celluloid on 7 Reels

7th January 2008 by michael
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Mes Amis
Mes Amis (2007, 37.8MB, 7:35 min)

Giles Perkins, from the excellent onsuper8.org
(whose own great work we’ve shown, last week & previously)
pointed this one out to us.
Gorgeous he said, and he was right.
Comes from here & there’s a discussion here.

Men’s Feilfri Footware

15th November 2007 by doron
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Feilfri (2007, 18MB, 30 sec.)

Stunning CGI from royalelastics.com.

Flightline ODC Slackers – Shannon Noble

21st September 2007 by michael
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Flightline ODC Slackers
Flightline ODC Slackers (2007, 23.5MB, 2:35 min)

An excellent piece from Shannon Noble.
Shannon is a maker of remarkably finely judged
videos which often amaze but never sit up and beg.
Here he tackles, with both grace & restraint, something
that I suppose could loosely be described as a genre
film: the sports documentary.
OK, the poetic sports documentary.

Mark E Smith Reads the Football Results

18th September 2007 by michael
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Mark E Smith
Mark E Smith Reads the Football Results (2005, 12.7MB, 7:14 min.)

God-like genius & professional curmudgeon Mark E Smith
of The Fall reads the football (OK – soccer to
about two thirds of you) results on the BBC in 2005.
The full glory of this possibly only totally comprehensible to
Brits of a certain age but stay with it – the last third is
a hoot.

Ice Hockey with Max Herman

14th September 2007 by michael
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‘Perseverance (fragment)’ (2006, 35 MB, 3:05 min.)

The Rhizome mailing list became a more predictable & somehow
less exciting place when wit, polymath & provocateur Max Herman
hung up his mouse for a while. He’s back there now & he’s here too,
with some ice hockey action for your delectation, being a section
from a longer work entitled Perseverance.
Says Max, “If I can choose keywords, can they be ‘hockey, millennium,
glasperlenspiel, perseverance, history?’

Of course they can, Max, of course.
(PS Watch the movie, it’s quite lovely)

Extreme Skipping

29th January 2007 by doron
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Extreme Skipping (2006, 15.7MB, 2:36 min.)

This short was made a little while back, about one of the most
underappreciated universal sports: extreme skipping. If you are a skipper
and have footage of yourself skipping, make sure to submit it to us.
We would love to check out your moves.
Music by Blink 182. Edited by Ajit Anthony Prem.
Directed by Marc Miller and Marc Levine.

from – squigglebooth.

Sacha Baron Cohen – Borat – American Football

22nd December 2006 by doron
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American Football
American Football (2003, 10.1MB, 4:30 min.)

British chameleon Baron Cohen is portraying a spoof Kazakh
(Kazakhstan) television presenter Borat in his Da Ali G Show.