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Grant Orchard – Basketball

27th October 2011 by doron
animation | arts | ball games | narrative | satire | sports

Basketball (2007, 13.5MB, 1:57 min.)

Director Grant Orchard joined Studio aka in 1997, and soon gained attention
for his idiosyncratic design and his ability to approach projects from many
different angles. He has created TV commercials for clients as diverse as Compaq,
Virgin and Orange. Grant has won two prestigious D&AD awards and achieved recognition
for his first independent short film WELCOME TO GLARINGLY.
He subsequently created 10 mini-films for QOOBtv under the banner LOVESPORT.
– from the shining Lumen Eclipse.

Dom Cheverti – Throwing Chamberlains

28th October 2009 by michael
arts | ball games | conceptual | cooking | documentary odd | exhibition | gaming | humor | performance | satire | strange | video

Bowl (2009, 2 MB, 1:52 min)

Bowl/Glass (2009, 2 MB, 1:01 min)

Bowl/Flower/Vase (2009, 3 MB, 57 secs)

little river
Little River (2009, 2 MB, 1:00 min)

Recommended to us by the sublime Sam Renseiw who,
when he speaks, we listen.
Nonetheless I had some difficulties in coming to grips with this.
Sam tells me it relates to some current You Tube thing whereby people
throw ping-pong balls into various receptacles with a high degree of accuracy.

Clearly I should stay in more.

So…in this case the balls are substituted by a species of cookie, apparently
known in Denmark as ‘chamberlains’.
(I asked Sam exactly what a chamberlain was.
He says:
“Chamberlains is an odd translation of ‘kammerjunker’ that
can both be a chamberlain and danish cookie/biscuit.
It is usually consumed in summer with “koldsk

March Madness at the DC Training Facility

14th October 2009 by michael
advertising | arts | ball games | commerce | community | sports | video

Bball (2006, 8.6MB, 1:28 min)

Commerce meets art. Maybe.
Actually if you wear the shoes you can really do all that.
From DC shoe.

A Game of Petanque with Sam Renseiw

5th October 2009 by michael
arts | ball games | community | documentary | gaming | Lumière | observational | poetry | portraiture | sports | video | vlog

Patafilm 718 (2009, 30.9 MB, 2:40 min)

The Petanque Discussion
The Petanque Discussion (2009, 9.8 MB, 53 secs)

All his work is great but we can’t publish him every day
so we wait for the very finest.
Two Petanque themed beauties, the second
being a Lumière masterclass.

Sacha Baron Cohen – Borat – American Football

22nd December 2006 by doron
arts | ball games | community | documentary odd | experimental | humor | satire | serial | sports | tv | video

American Football
American Football (2003, 10.1MB, 4:30 min.)

British chameleon Baron Cohen is portraying a spoof Kazakh
(Kazakhstan) television presenter Borat in his Da Ali G Show.