Lucy Mills – Simply British

30th March 2013 by michael
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Simply British (2013, 77MB, 4:03 min)

Hi Lucy,
I think it’s really good. Who did the Hard Day’s Night remix?
I really like the way it is clearly a powerful comment on lots of things to do with the contrast between Britishness & flag waving and national hubris &c. and the actual situation for many people, but it’s never simply a piece of agit-prop.
At first I thought its slowness in unfolding might be a problem but I like the way it makes us take the time to think, with the various repeated images (like the bus with the slogan on it) but also with different material developing against the background you establish, especially the ever present and heartbreaking Big Issue guy – it turns out to be slow burning as opposed to slow. I also like the 90 degree rotation of some of the stuff and the way that then fits rather nicely into empty-ish spaces in the other “channel”. Great work – congratulations!

Roel Wouters – zZz – Grip

6th June 2012 by doron
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Grip (2007, 101 MB, 4:13 min.)

Grip is a video clip for the band zZz.
It is a one take, top shot video with trampoline gymnasts simulating
video effects, and has been recorded live as part of the opening “Nederclips”,
a showcase of Dutch videoclips at the Stedelijk Museum.
The important criteria were that the audience at the opening would be able to
witness the whole shoot, and that the videoclip would be added to the exhibition
immediately after the shoot.
The project developed by Roel Wouters.

'Paola e Bettino' – Lanza brothers film their parents watching the world cup..

30th May 2012 by doron
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By brothers Marco and Saverio Lanza.

Grant Orchard – Basketball

27th October 2011 by doron
animation | arts | ball games | narrative | satire | sports

Basketball (2007, 13.5MB, 1:57 min.)

Director Grant Orchard joined Studio aka in 1997, and soon gained attention
for his idiosyncratic design and his ability to approach projects from many
different angles. He has created TV commercials for clients as diverse as Compaq,
Virgin and Orange. Grant has won two prestigious D&AD awards and achieved recognition
for his first independent short film WELCOME TO GLARINGLY.
He subsequently created 10 mini-films for QOOBtv under the banner LOVESPORT.
– from the shining Lumen Eclipse.

Pink Tall Bike

14th July 2010 by michael
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pink tall bike
Pink Tall Bike (2010, 50 MB, 2:16 min)

One of those does-what-it-says-on-the-can movies.
Made by Mike Stoddard & Ryan Lynch who say:

”This is our latest creation made from free bikes and parts,
comprised of three womens’ frames, bed frame iron (front fork),
and an old ATV shock.
Filmed on the Woonsocket River Bikeway in Rhode Island. ‘

…not much to add except to say it’s very diverting &

March Madness at the DC Training Facility

14th October 2009 by michael
advertising | arts | ball games | commerce | community | sports | video

Bball (2006, 8.6MB, 1:28 min)

Commerce meets art. Maybe.
Actually if you wear the shoes you can really do all that.
From DC shoe.

A Game of Petanque with Sam Renseiw

5th October 2009 by michael
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Patafilm 718 (2009, 30.9 MB, 2:40 min)

The Petanque Discussion
The Petanque Discussion (2009, 9.8 MB, 53 secs)

All his work is great but we can’t publish him every day
so we wait for the very finest.
Two Petanque themed beauties, the second
being a Lumière masterclass.

More Eddie Whelan

30th July 2009 by michael
arts | conceptual | experimental | new media art | remix/mashup | sports | video

Gold Medal Match (2009, 89MB 2:48 min)

Original editorial

Two from Pash

23rd July 2008 by michael
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Ludwig Poos Schwabe (2007, 36MB, 1:20 min)

Ping Pong
1st Ping-Pong Lesson With Lucha Lib (2008, 31.2MB, 4:18 min)

Even 18 years after the wall came down there’s still a quite palpable
residue of the great absurdist tradition that flourished under Stalinism in work
being made in the former Eastern bloc.
(Of course it goes back further, to

PES – Sneaux Shoes – Human Skateboard

22nd July 2008 by doron
advertising | animation | commerce | humor | remix/mashup | sports | stop motion | tv | viral

Sneaux (2007, 7MB, 31 sec.)

Sneaux Shoes launched a consumer-generated video campaign
with a stop-motion video of a human skateboard. The TV ad
features a skateboarder using a kid as a skateboard and performing
classic tricks like ollies, grinds and 360s.
PES who directed the video made it entirely in-camera (Canon D20)
and on location through the use of a stop-motion animation technique
known as pixilation. Says PES: “This spot is a great example of the
breadth of stop-motion. If something exists in the real world, it can be animated.”

Editing and sound design was done by Sam Welch at Homestead, New York.