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Holographic Wainscoting again

17th August 2007 by michael
animation | arts | conceptual | ephemera | experimental | performance | strange | video


phoneface (2006, 14.9MB, 28 sec)

Red ball

Red ball (2006, 2.27MB, 38 sec )

More holographicwainscoting.

Donna Kuhn – I don’t fix a word

16th August 2007 by michael
animation | arts | dance | experimental | performance | video

I don
I don’t fix a word (2006, 4.5 MB, 2:16 min)

Mini Me
Mini-Me (2005, 12.1MB, 2:25 min)

These two videos by Donna Kuhn were made in circumstances of terrible
personal loss: the death of her son & then later that of a close friend.
Astonishing then, their delicacy & richness & the sheer dexterity of
handling & making, particularly in I don’t fix a word which
is a jewel, a small masterpiece.

This Spartan Life

15th August 2007 by doron
animation | arts | community | experimental | gaming | music video | satire | technology | video

This Spartan Life 1
Dance (2006, 9.8MB, 2:24 min.)

This spartan Life 2
Travelogue (2006, 14.6MB, 1:21 min.)

This Spartan Life is a talk show set in the multi-user
combat game Halo 2 featuring actual interviews with
guests in the live game online.
These two ‘music videos’ are made using material from the game.

Vertical Features Remix – Curt Cloninger

14th August 2007 by michael
animation | experimental | music video | remix/mashup | video

Vertical Features Remix
Vertical Features Remix (2006, 5.35MB, 1:01 min)

Faux collaboration with Tulse Luper whereby I remix his notes for
Vertical Features according to the notes themselves.

watercolors by Peter Greenaway.
audio by My Bloody Valentine.

from curt.

Tyler Coburn – Fashion Victim no. 92

13th August 2007 by admin
arts | experimental | literature | narrative | video

Fashion Victim no. 92 (2005, 19.8 MB, 6:10 min.)

Commissioned by Amy Prior and extracted from her short story
of the same title. From Tyler Coburn.

By Mica Scalin.

Tevye – glimpse of a lost world

10th August 2007 by michael
arts | cinema | community | education | film | historical | literature

Tevye – clip (1939, 32.1MB, 1:27 min)

Prior to WW2 there were between 10 & 13 million speakers
of Yiddish. Today there are probably less than 2 million.
Here is an image of a lost world, the flowering of Yiddish culture
in the years of the twentieth century before the Holocaust.
This is a clip from the 1939 film Tevye by Maurice Schwartz based on
the work of the great Yiddish writer Sholem Aleichem
The film has recently been restored and is available for .

Jamie Allen – Killing Lena

9th August 2007 by michael
arts | conceptual | experimental | remix/mashup | strange | technology | video

Killing Lena

Killing Lena (2007, 37.42MB, 2:13 min.)

Jamie Allen sent us a link to this Processing-utilizing piece
of work by him after having seen the post we did on Processing recently.
He explains it very clearly & cogently on his site so I’m just going to lift his text:

The “first lady of the internet,” was Playboy’s Miss November 1972.
Her turn-offs include “Men who wear shorts with white socks and black shoes.”
Lena’s issue was the most widely circulated issue of Playboy ever, selling 7,161,561 copies.

A single scanned image of Lena’s Playboy appearance subsequently took up favor
amongst digital imaging researchers. It has been used as a comparative standard
in hundreds, perhaps thousands, of image compression tests, publications and shoot-outs.

“Killing Lena” is a rendered video series in which Lena’s most famous photo is repeatedly
exposed to the compression algorithms she unwittingly helped to develop.
The videos presented are compression pornography, the suggestion of a
“compressivist art”, and a poetic digital demise.

Not much to add, dear viewer, except to observe the close kinship with
Alvin Lucier’s tremendous sound piece “I am Sitting in A Room”

3 with Heart from Brittany Shoot

8th August 2007 by michael
arts | community | conceptual | video | vlog


Heart::Casing (2007, 3.29MB, 26 secs)


Heart::Arteries (2007, 11.9MB, 1:33 min.)


Heart::Break (2007, 5.35MB, 35 secs)

So first to the Elephant In The Room. There’s just no tiptoeing
round the fact that Brittany Shoot is just a top name
for a videoblogger. OK – we’re all feeling better now. To the work.
Take a look: kind of understated, yet smart;
concise, neat, but poetry to it too.
Sometimes the very-short-video form leaves you
feeling slightly underwhelmed, cheated almost.
This is the opposite, a slowburn in the mind.
More before long.


7th August 2007 by doron
animation | arts | experimental | vj

vimeo.25822 (2003, 18.7MB, 6:47 min.)

vimeo.56218 (2005, 18.5MB, 10:58 min.)

Couple of VJ mixes from Lucidhouse.

La Langue/The Tongue

6th August 2007 by michael
arts | conceptual | experimental | politics | video

La Langue/The Tongue

La Langue (2007, 20.2MB, 2:06 min.)

Warning: this piece is genuinely somewhat disturbing…

Beautifully made & also deeply chilling work from French vlogger
. Astonishing.

LA LANGUE est une tentative video sur notre rapport à la liberté d’expression.
Une succession de lents dézooms nous aspire dans une fatalité qui nous échappe
Un songe qui nous confronte à notre rapport au language où la vision sanglante
de la perte de l’outil de communication est volontairement hypnotique et ésthétisée.
Le spectateur : il detourne le regard ou il contemple avec perversité et impuissance….

THE TONGUE is an attempt at a video about our relation to freedom of expression.
A succession of slow zooms-out draws us in to a destiny which eludes us inexorably.
A dream which confronts us with our connection to language and where the bloody
vision of the loss of our instrument of communication is deliberately hypnotic and aestheticised.
As for the spectator, either they avert their gaze or they stare, impotently and perversely…

Music : M83, Moon Child