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More from Kevin Flanagan

Grass Barbed
Grass Barbed (2008, 13.8MB, 41 secs, silent)

Grass in Wind
Grass In Wind (2008, 20.4, 48 secs, silent)

Utter loveliness from Irish artist Kevin Flanagan in 2008.
Utter loveliness never something to be disdained in my view, but here it’s also allied to a
steadfastness of purpose & well, just simple old fashioned
courage of conviction.

Duchamp’s Urinal

Duchamp's Fountain
Duchamp’s Fountain (2011, 93MB, 1:59 min, silent)

Fascinating bit of footage from Kev Flanagan arising out
of a piece of work by Rob Myers (together with Curt Cloninger one
of the two smartest people I know) -here’s the original post
from his blog to give some context.
The whole thing sparked an interesting discussion on the Furtherfield
(see Monday’s post) originated Netbehaviour list this week.
Here’re the two relevant threads:
Urinal 3-D Print
Print Yer Own Duchamp

More Kev Flanagan

Tea Tree (2008, 12.3MB, 2:24 min)

Waterball (2008, 20.9MB, 2:23 min)

Not that much to add to what we’ve said before.
More work, careful, modest, austere and somehow darkly
(& I don’t just mean the light or lack of) beautiful, from Kev Flanagan.

Kevin Flanagan – Transformations

Transformations v 1.0 (2007, 54MB, 2:47 min)

We’ve featured some of Irish artist Kev Flanagan’s work here
He’s just started a new video blog which manifests a radically different
approach to that of his previous work.
Here’s an example – it’s slow (in a good sense), meditative and hypnotic.
Kev says he’s been looking at a lot of Chris Marker’s work – I can see that high
seriousness coming through, but this puts me in mind more of Tarkovsky or
particularly Tarkovsky’s sensibility in the face of natural phenomena.

Kev Flanagan

Talking Heads
Talking Heads (2003, 12.8MB, 1:09 min)

Ain’t Nobody Got It (2006, 18.1MB, 1:35 min)

Two movies from Irish artist & curator Kev Flanagan.
I like them both, but there is something so utterly fuck-off mad
about the Aguilera cover, with its fine disregard to boot for any known
production value, which totally does it for me.
The performers in that are Cian McConn & Stephanie Hough
who as Margaret and Jim have their own neat line in performance…