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Dan Osborne – Behold the Light (at Night)

Behold the Light (at Night) (2008, 87MB, 6:27 min)

We initially posted this in 2008 when we encountered Dan Osborne’s work
for the first time.
Recently he seems to be actively rejecting some of his earlier work so I hope
he doesn’t mind us reposting this. In my view he’s a very talented artist
with a quite singular vision.
We said then:

There’s something pleasantly reminiscent of Linklater’s Slacker
in this piece from Dan Osborne.
I don’t mean to suggest it’s derivative; I don’t think it is, or only
in the completely unescapable way of coming-after. This piece
has it’s own identity, which at first I wasn’t sure whether it was
completely random, but then little bits of structuring begin to
assert themselves. In particular I like the fades which occur
immediately prior to anything substantive happening.
A lot of it looks very good too – there’s no doubt the man
has an eye – the 3-D glasses sequence, the fire women,
the musical instruments procession (although am I alone in
finding something slighty snotty about the shot of the bemused onlookers?).
That little cavil aside this is interesting stuff & I look forward to seeing
how Osborne’s work develops.

Dan Osborne – Grillin’

Grillin’ (2011, 4MB, 57 sec, silent, looped)

Dan Osborne has a fertile and restless creativity.
I can’t think of anything he’s made I haven’t enjoyed
a lot, and his range is formidable.

Here he turns his hand to a small but perfect animation.

Dan Osborne – Mariah Carey/Boyz II Men

Mariah Carey/Boyz II Men(2009, 86MB, 4:49min)

Splendid bit of drĂ´lerie from Dan Osborne, whose work
we’ve featured here before and certainly will again.
It’s funny, sure, but as with a good deal of Osborne’s work it
treads an interesting line between funny bone and heartstring.
Oh..alright..maybe heartstring is a bit strong but there’s a
certain, and a rather touching, melancholy lurking here.

Also – what is it about Mariah Carey and art video on the net?

Dan Osborne’s Investigations

Investigations (2008, 40.1MB, 2:05 min)

Perfect piece of film making by Dan Osborne.
Interesting to compare it to the piece by him we posted
earlier this year.
There’s a lot in common, true, but what strikes me is both the
real elegance & the very precise focus of this new piece.
In contrast with the (admittedly very attractive) sprawl of
the earlier work there is not a second here that doesn’t feel
purposeful & controlled.
Interesting to see how this body of work develops.

Ash Sechler – 2 movies

Transformation (2009, 15.5MB, 1:18 min)

Representation of Memory (2006, 75.4MB, 2:22 min)

Clearly there is something in the water in Athens, Georgia giving us,
as it has, John Michael Boling & Javier Morales, John Crowe,
Dan Osborne, Brantley Jones and now Ash Sechler.
Hmm – The School of Athens, Georgia.
There’s no common style but there is a certain sensibility which,
curiously, pervades the quiet meditative stuff as well as the more
out-there and bizarre – it’s a species of wryness combined with an
eye for the casually arresting, odd and beautiful.
It’s exemplified here in both these rather good pieces, though I particularly
like Representation of Memory.