Curt Cloninger & A Bill Miller – sliveRider

28th May 2012 by michael
arts | collaboration | conceptual | cooking | experimental | music video | new media art | performance | poetry | remix/mashup | video

sliveRider (2012, 316MB, 5:26 min)

From: Curt Cloninger
To: Michael Szpakowski
Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2012 4:21 PM

A video collaboration between A. Bill Miller and Curt Cloninger.
Audio by Low. Bill and Curt swapped files back and forth until the
person receiving the file felt it was finished. Links to the video
files in progress are included

I’ve been reading Deleuze on Leibniz about the Baroque fold, and
this project seems like we were folding video. Like cooking, folding
in ingredients. The trace of each iteration is discernible, baked
into the final fold. Not so much cutting, fading, layering, moshing,
or even remixing (although there is some “databending”).

Hope you are doing well over there,

On Sunday, May 20, 2012, Michael Szpakowski wrote:

This is quite, quite enchanting.
Do either of you have any objection to me doing a DVblog post on it?

At 8:28 AM -0400 5/20/12,
a bill miller wrote:
Fine with me!

Thanks Michael,
Yes, please do.

Abbie Hoffman and gefilte fish

10th November 2011 by brittany
activism | community | conceptual | cooking | documentary | education | ephemera | film | historical | humor | interview | observational | performance | politics | portraiture | video

Abbie Making Gefilte Fish (1973, 156.4MB, 21:04)

Footage of Abbie Hoffman making gefilte fish with Laura Cavestani
(who made the video) in his kitchen, 1973.
Like Abbie, I think art is in the everyday, and it sure is a fun
(and rather informative) twenty minutes if you’ve got it to spare.

Art for Abbie was education, constant revolution, evolution, and living for free.
Art and freedom were one in the same, inextricable from each other.
We miss you man.

Dan Osborne – Grillin’

3rd October 2011 by michael
arts | audio | cooking | drawing | observational

Grillin’ (2011, 4MB, 57 sec, silent, looped)

Dan Osborne has a fertile and restless creativity.
I can’t think of anything he’s made I haven’t enjoyed
a lot, and his range is formidable.

Here he turns his hand to a small but perfect animation.

More from Doodlebug

5th April 2011 by michael
arts | collaboration | conceptual | cooking | documentary arts | experimental | happening | live art | performance | theatre | video

Food Terror (2008, 73MB, 4:36 min)

More from Manchester’s Doodlebug.
This one is particularly splendid and
meal times will never be the same again.
Here’s the text Michael Barnes-Wynters sent me but
I don’t really know what it means:

Doodlebug Presents…25/10/08 at Contact feat.
Ronald fraser-munro’s RFM-UNPLUCKED. manc. poet
amanda milligan’s ‘mz.milly does…’ debut outting
with ‘On Becoming a Human Being’ (AV mix).
a sneak preview of Urbis’s Black Panther artist
Emory Douglas expo. French guerilla photgrapher
JR’s ‘Women are Heroes’ plus Terrorist’s FOOD TERROR mix.

I think we’re watching that last item.
Anyway, it’s great.
More soon.

Lynda Benglis – Contraband

10th June 2010 by doron
arts | community | cooking | documentary arts | exhibition | installation | interview | painting | participatory | video

Lynda Benglis – Contraband (2008, 26 MB, 2:20 min)

Artist Lynda Benglis discusses the process of creating Contraband
by pigmenting rubber latex and pouring it on the floor of her studio.
First recognized for

Edward Picot – Bramble Jelly

12th March 2010 by michael
arts | cooking | documentary | ephemera | nature | observational | performance | video

Bramble Jelly
Bramble Jelly (2010, 63MB, 5:14 min)

Lovely little pastoral from Edward Picot, as resolutely
unfashionable as ever and not any the worse for it.
More soon.

Dom Cheverti – Throwing Chamberlains

28th October 2009 by michael
arts | ball games | conceptual | cooking | documentary odd | exhibition | gaming | humor | performance | satire | strange | video

Bowl (2009, 2 MB, 1:52 min)

Bowl/Glass (2009, 2 MB, 1:01 min)

Bowl/Flower/Vase (2009, 3 MB, 57 secs)

little river
Little River (2009, 2 MB, 1:00 min)

Recommended to us by the sublime Sam Renseiw who,
when he speaks, we listen.
Nonetheless I had some difficulties in coming to grips with this.
Sam tells me it relates to some current You Tube thing whereby people
throw ping-pong balls into various receptacles with a high degree of accuracy.

Clearly I should stay in more.

So…in this case the balls are substituted by a species of cookie, apparently
known in Denmark as ‘chamberlains’.
(I asked Sam exactly what a chamberlain was.
He says:
“Chamberlains is an odd translation of ‘kammerjunker’ that
can both be a chamberlain and danish cookie/biscuit.
It is usually consumed in summer with “koldsk

Lunch with Jan

19th February 2007 by michael
activism | arts | cooking | interview | stop motion | video | vlog

Lunch (1992, 18.3MB, 7:03 min)

Splendidly dark & funny stop motion ‘n’ prosthetics work from
the fearless (& peerless) Czech surrealist Jan Švankmajer.