Tony Arnold – New Work

23rd October 2012 by michael
arts | conceptual | experimental | music | narrative | new media art | poetry | portraiture | video

Robert Loggia Trailer
Talkin’ Singularity Blues (2012, 186MB, 8:13 min)

Robert Loggia [trailer] (2012, 43MB, 1:39 min)

We’ve shown work -very individual and promising work -
from Tony Arnold before and we’re delighted to do so again.
There’s an energy and freshness to his work and a kind
of volcanic flow of creativity which is invigorating.
The first of these pieces is accompanied by music from
Arnold himself, which I like very much. The second is a trailer
for a full length piece which you can view in its entirety here.

Jon Rafman – Ad-Vice for a Prophet

17th October 2012 by michael
advertising | experimental | narrative | remix/mashup | tv | video

Ad-Vice for a Prophet (2005, 78.6MB, 6:59 min)

I wrote the text below in, I think, 2008.
[In case you didn't notice we're intermittently re-posting stuff previously
posted on weekends in line with our 5 day a week current policy
- it also takes a bit of the pressure off which, two old guys,
we feel, we feel].
Since then Rafman has gone on to achieve a measure of well deserved
celebrity, showing at the Saatchi Gallery in London amongst other
prestigious venues, especially with his
9 eyes of google street view
I notice the piece we feature here no longer appears on his CV or website.
A shame – it has many merits – not least of which is an embryonic
version of the sensibility which underpins his more current work
although I entirely understand why artists occasionally attempt
to take a broom to old work.

Great piece by Jon Rafman.
I love the refusal to commit to a tone, the playfulness & humor, the wistfulness &
sometimes the vaguest air of menace too.
There’s a curious feel. An air of detachment, as if nothing can be said
directly but that everything is mediated & distanced by the act of editing
and presenting, serving up, (as with the ads).
The whole thing feels haunted by movie history.
I’m curious to know whether this is all found footage, whether some of it is
original or what.

Anyway, tremendous. Lots of other interesting
work on his site.

Andy Warhol Eats A Hamburger

9th October 2012 by brittany
arts | conceptual | documentary arts | film | historical | movie making | narrative | performance | portraiture

Jørgen Leth – 66 Scenes from America (1981, 9.9MB, 4:16)

Pretty self-explanatory: Andy eats a burger.
Scene from controversial Danish filmmaker
Jørgen Leth’s 1981 composite film, 66 Scenes from America.

The Framing of Luaty Beirão

20th July 2012 by michael
activism | documentary | documentary arts | music video | narrative | politics | video

History of the Demonstrations
History of the Demonstrations (2012, 211MB, 15:53 min)

Cuka (2011, 35MB, 4:11 min)

A Statement by Luaty Beirão (2012, 34MB, 7:05 min)

Three connected movies, which connect in a very direct way with the world about us.
For the last couple of years, simultaneously with the ‘Arab spring’ there have been
a number of similar movements around the world where ordinary folk have stood up for
the right to free speech and the right to a decent life, mostly both.
This happened on a small scale in the Southern African country of Angola where the inheritors
of the magnificent struggle against imperialism in the 70s seem to have forgotten their roots,
perhaps lulled by power and the good life it can bring to a few. A small but dogged and effective
campaign for democracy and against corruption, poverty and police state begaviour sprang up amongst
young people there.
The first video is a documentary relating the beginning, growth of this movement and subsequent
attempted government repression.
( You can find some more info , from Human Rights Watch, here)
Our second video is a track by the Angolan rapper Luaty Beirão, better known as Ikonoklasta
which is a tremendously entertaining bit of agit-prop against the regime.
It clearly struck home because the Angolan security forces have attempted to frame Beirão by
secreting a substantial amount of cocaine in a bicycle wheel in his possession on a flight
from Angola to Portugal.
The third video is Luaty Beirão’s statement upon and account of these events.
Watch the videos and draw you own conclusions – I do not for a moment believe Beirão is guilty
of anything except bravery and standing up to oppression.

We’ll leave you with these videos for the summer a reminder there’s art and there’s life and there’s
not a lot of space between.

We’re going to take a break until mid September-ish when we’ll be back with mostly
art videos but anything else that amuses, inspires or outrages us.
If you have stuff you think we’d like, send us links – we look at everything we’re sent.
It remains only to wish you all a nice and relaxing summer if you can manage it.

Margarida Paiva

29th June 2012 by brittany
arts | conceptual | experimental | narrative | portraiture | video

Margarida Paiva – Untitled Stories (2007, 15.6MB, 2:49)

Excerpt from Margarida Paiva’s 11 minute Untitled Stories,
a video from 2007 about everyday stories, told through a broken
female monologue about memories.
Expertly layered and totally gorgeous.

Vera Brunner-Sung

22nd June 2012 by brittany
arts | conceptual | documentary | film | narrative

Vera Brunner-Sung – untitled (2006, 2.5MB, 1:10)

Vera Brunner-Sung – Longshore (2004, 9.9MB, 4:34)

Two short films from Vera Brunner-Sung, made respectively
on 16mm and super 8, both exploring boundaries of privacy
and community, the understanding of memory and place.

Dan Osborne – Behold the Light (at Night)

21st June 2012 by michael
arts | community | ephemera | experimental | light | narrative | observational | performance | portraiture | strange

Behold the Light (at Night) (2008, 87MB, 6:27 min)

We initially posted this in 2008 when we encountered Dan Osborne’s work
for the first time.
Recently he seems to be actively rejecting some of his earlier work so I hope
he doesn’t mind us reposting this. In my view he’s a very talented artist
with a quite singular vision.
We said then:

There’s something pleasantly reminiscent of Linklater’s Slacker
in this piece from Dan Osborne.
I don’t mean to suggest it’s derivative; I don’t think it is, or only
in the completely unescapable way of coming-after. This piece
has it’s own identity, which at first I wasn’t sure whether it was
completely random, but then little bits of structuring begin to
assert themselves. In particular I like the fades which occur
immediately prior to anything substantive happening.
A lot of it looks very good too – there’s no doubt the man
has an eye – the 3-D glasses sequence, the fire women,
the musical instruments procession (although am I alone in
finding something slighty snotty about the shot of the bemused onlookers?).
That little cavil aside this is interesting stuff & I look forward to seeing
how Osborne’s work develops.

More from Duncan Speakman

11th June 2012 by brittany
arts | conceptual | documentary arts | ephemera | narrative | observational | vlog

The Delicate Museum – What Everyone Else Was Talking About (2006, 13MB, 1:21)

The Delicate Museum – A Suggestive Manifesto (2006, 9.7MB, 1:32)

Two more breaths of fresh air from 2006 and The Delicate Museum,
also known as Duncan, formerly of 29fragiledays.
Said before, I’ll say it again: such beauty in the small things.

Margaret – Brian Gibson

5th June 2012 by doron
arts | experimental | narrative | remix/mashup | video

Margaret (2008, 54.3MB, 5:44 min)

“This is a reoccurring dream. I shot this a few days back in Peg’s
wonderfully spacious apt. The music is originally by Michael Szpakowski
and was remixed by me for the video.”
Puzzling and mysterious video by Brian Gibson.

inside us all – Diesel-U-Music

25th May 2012 by doron
community | music video | narrative | remix/mashup | video | vj

iua met I (2005, 60MB, 6:43 min.)

inside us all, winners of the 2005 diesel music VJ competition.