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Ice Hockey with Max Herman

14th September 2007 by michael
conceptual | documentary arts | ephemera | experimental | performance | portraiture | sports | video

‘Perseverance (fragment)’ (2006, 35 MB, 3:05 min.)

The Rhizome mailing list became a more predictable & somehow
less exciting place when wit, polymath & provocateur Max Herman
hung up his mouse for a while. He’s back there now & he’s here too,
with some ice hockey action for your delectation, being a section
from a longer work entitled Perseverance.
Says Max, “If I can choose keywords, can they be ‘hockey, millennium,
glasperlenspiel, perseverance, history?’

Of course they can, Max, of course.
(PS Watch the movie, it’s quite lovely)

Rob Tyler – Unrecognizable Now

13th September 2007 by doron
animation | arts | music video | video

October of This Year (2006, 25MB, 4 min.)

Music video – ‘October of This Year’,
from the Portland Oregon band Unrecognizable Now.
Directed by Rob Tyler. From undergroundfilm.

William Kentridge

12th September 2007 by michael
animation | arts | drawing | experimental | narrative

Automatic Writing

We brought you an extract of this piece by
William Kentridge a while back .
Now here’s the whole piece, courtesy of Lumen Eclipse.
Not only is it exquisitely made, you would have
to have a heart of stone not to be moved by it.

On Screen Chemistry

11th September 2007 by michael
animation | community | education | ephemera | science | technology | video

Protein (2006, 0.9MB, 22 sec)

‘This is a cartoon representation of the process
used to link amino acids to make a protein.’

Flavoprotein (2006, 1.3MB, 4 sec loop)

‘This is a model of one of the proteins used
in the electron transport chain. Basically, where
we get most of our energy to survive as living organisms.’

Bilayer (2006, 3.3MB, 3 sec loop)

‘This is the general structure of our cell membranes.’

Beautiful animations -teaching materials- of chemical
processes & structures by Professor James K. Hardy
of the University of Akron. Thanks to Professor Hardy for
the accompanying explanations of what each animation
actually represents.
The whole series is a delight.

Interactive design

10th September 2007 by brittany
arts | conceptual | design | gaming | technology | video

Intimate Controllers
Intimate Controllers Game Console (2007, 3.5MB, 2:40)

An interpersonal videogame in progress from JennyLC Chowdhurdy,
a woman responsible for such projects as an emphysema-ridden
My Little Pony and a portable telephone booth so you can finally
have some privacy on your cellular in public.

Muttering Hat
Muttering Hat (2007, 7.5MB, 1:12)

Also, a Muttering Hat from Kate Hartman, who believes
plants should be able to call humans on the telephone
and makes gloves that dance.
I wish I got to spend all day making this kind of innovation.

Jeff Gompertz Installation in Beijing

7th September 2007 by doron
arts | documentary arts | performance | video

fakeshop_art (2007, 42MB, 1:45 min.)

Installation/performance at 798 Art Festival, Beijing, China
by Jeff Gompertz aka ‘fakeshop’, aka ‘polystar’. May 12, 2007

Primo Levi - Return to Auschwitz

6th September 2007 by michael
activism | documentary | education | historical | interview | memoir

Primo Levi
Return to Auschwitz – clip (1982, 1.95MB, 18 secs)

A tiny fragment today, but oh what a fragment.
An extract from an Italian television documentary
about a visit to the site of the Auschwitz extermination camp,
where he had previously been incarcerated for a year,
by the great Italian writer Primo Levi, who died 20 years ago this last April.
Levi wrote the indispensable memoir of the Holocaust,
‘If This is a Man’ ( in the US called ‘Survival in Auschwitz’).
Apparently this documentary used to be available on the net in its entirety.
If anyone can point us to a copy we’ll post the whole thing.
This tiny clip is nonetheless a key one. NEVER AGAIN!

Eclectic – Ross Ching

5th September 2007 by doron
animation | arts | community | movie making | photography | technology | video

Eclectic (2007, 66MB, 2:26 min.)

“This film I created by myself. It is a series of time-lapse shots that I edited
together and put to music. Rather than using a regular video camera,
I opted to use a digital SLR camera because it allowed me to shoot in ultra
high definition as well as get the depth of field only available to film cameras”.

Time-lapse photography by Ross Ching.

Two by Doron

4th September 2007 by michael
arts | portraiture | video

Sorin (2007, 39.7MB, 4:21 min.)

Elijah (2007, 37.4MB, 4:07 min.)

One of the great pleasures of working with Doron on dvblog is the sneak
previews I get of his new work.
It never fails to astonish and move me.
Here are two recent pieces, both, loosely speaking, portraiture.
When I think or write about Doron’s work two words insist on themselves time and time again.
One is mysterious and the other is humane.
Watch these pieces and see why, then go and check out all of Doron’s work.

Activismo de bella luminusidad / Luminously beautiful activism

3rd September 2007 by michael
activism | arts | community | documentary | music video | video

Antonio (2005, 43.2MB, 3:19 min)

His Dead
His Dead (2005, 14.8MB, 2:14 min)

The Only Place
The Only Place (2006, 22.3MB, 3:12 min)

The Califas Journal es un “sitio de video
independiente sobre pol