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My Bloody Valentines – Videos by Angus Cameron

27th December 2012 by guest editor
arts | documentary arts | movie | music video | performance

Only Shallow
Only Shallow (37.1MB, 3:40 min.)

Here Knows When
To Here Knows When (47.7MB, 4:43 min.)

Soon (32.9MB, 3:15 min.)

Swallow (19MB, 3:25 min.)

My Bloody Valentine videos from the rare & wonderful – Story of Creation.

Curt Cloninger.

Ruach en la M

15th May 2009 by guest editor
animation | arts | community | music video | vlog

e-baby (2003, 19MB, 4 min.)

By Pleix.

Simulacra (2004,10MB, 1:17 min.)

By Suk & Koch.

Anamorph (2001,40MB, 3:29 min.)

By World Domination Design Group.

Curt Cloninger.

The USA. Be Proud.

14th May 2009 by guest editor
animation | community | humor | music video | observational | satire | video | viral

Hillbilly USA (2005, 7MB, 1:41 min.)

A beautifully executed found object hillbilly
masterpiece. From – Borders Perrin Norrander

Lew Baldwin

Ruach en la M

12th May 2009 by guest editor
animation | arts | community | experimental | music video | strange

Monkey Drummer (2001, 6.5 MB, 2:25 min.)

All Is Full of Love (1999, 21.3 MB, 3:50 min.)

By Chris Cunningham.
(All Is Full of Love – starring Bj

Just have to admit it at times – Patrick Lichty

13th March 2009 by guest editor
animation | arts | conceptual | ephemera | new media art | video

Ritornello (2003, 700k, 25 sec.)

There are just points in which a person has to admit the panic moment.
The point in which the suspersonic tidal wave is headed at you as you
stand on Rockaway,
and you have simultaneous feelings of doubt or denial.
The moment comes, looping in on itself until the moment of action arrives.
Time to hang ten.

Patrick Lichty.

Joy Division – Shadowplay

12th March 2009 by guest editor
animation | arts | music video | new media art | remix/mashup | video

Shadowplay (2004, 37.2MB, 1:34 min.)

audio: Joy Division. video treatment: yoshi sodeoka.

Curt Cloninger.

Gnarls Barkley – ‘Crazy’

10th March 2009 by guest editor
animation | arts | music video | video

Gnarls Barkley – Crazy (2006, 11.5MB, 3:00 min.)

Oooh you gotta love this beautiful video directed
by Robert Hales of HSI for the Gnarls Barkley

instant conductors : tpada

2nd March 2009 by guest editor
arts | audio | experimental | music | music video | performance | remix/mashup | video

Instant conductors : Tpada (40.3MB, 4:19 secs)

A piece by Brian Gibson which captures you with
its trance like visuals and experimental audio.
Instant conductors : tpada is part of a full length
album project created with a video camera to capture visuals
and audio then assembling them into a stunning form of art.
Using a range of different camera angles focused in on areas
from where the musical source is created, this forms an explosion
of creativity manifesting as hybrid song/video.
If you’re intrigued by this clip it’s well worth checking out
untitled project 3 which features
a short number on mini organ with video accompaniment.
Also download the 3 track EP for free at glimpsecontrol .

Jonathan Beards

Iconic Synesthesia

18th February 2009 by guest editor
animation | arts | documentary arts | music video | remix/mashup | video

Giant Steps (10.7MB, 1:46 min.)

audio: john coltrane. animation: michal levy.


Lazy Sunday

6th January 2009 by guest editor
arts | community | humor | music video | participatory | remix/mashup

Lazy Sunday (2005, 15.7MB, 2:22 min.)

“watch this video because it