Erica Schreiner – Ohio

12th November 2012 by brian
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Ohio (2008, 34MB, 3:23 min.)

Short analog video by Portland based artist Erica Schreiner.
Music by by Prussia.

2 from Loiez Deniel

7th June 2012 by michael
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Ice Flowers – and my cat was so curious (2007, 23.5MB, 3:59 min)


shame (2007, 14.8MB, 2:27 min)

From 2007: first beauty tout court, then beauty with a big sting in the tail.

From Loiez Deniel, all of whose work is worth spending time with.

Paul Rodriguez – Flowers

19th January 2010 by michael
arts | flowers | landscape | music video | narrative | performance | video

Flowers (2010, 52 MB, 3:16 min)

I really hated this piece, a music video for Former Ghosts,
the first time I saw it, although I’d previously enjoyed work
by Paul Rodriguez and posted some here.
My first impressions were confirmed by a trawl through
the publicity material surrounding it:
“A naked dude gets peed on in this disturbing clip from the electro-goth
project led by Freddy Ruppert. Director: Paul Rodriguez….”

which seemed a tad..er..calculating
I was so bemused by how much I took against the piece
that I watched it several times over to try and analyse my reactions
and the more I looked at it the more the sheer deftness,
care and feel for the medium with which it is made began to
prevail over my dislike of the content.
Rodriguez confirms himself a filmmaker of real talent, with a great eye
and superb attention to detail.
I’m not sure someone possessed of his gifts needs to work so hard to
make us look his way but I remain very interested to see where he goes next.

Jennifer Steinkamp – Documentation from 1993-2008

4th May 2009 by doron
abstract | animation | arts | documentary arts | exhibition | flowers | installation | new media art

Documentation from 1993-2008 (2008, 220MB, 35:12 min.)

This video is kind of long but worth every penny of it.
Best of the show, Daisy Bell (2008) at the end of the reel.
From the impressive and beautiful Jennifer Steinkamp.

Scratchvideo – Collections

15th March 2009 by admin
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QuantumMatter (2005, 3.7 MB 31 sec.)

QuantumSpace(2005, 3MB, 40 sec.)

QuantumLife (2005, 3.3MB, 27 sec.)

A series of moving images from Charlene Rule.

By Mica Scalin.

stapelia ophelia

19th January 2009 by michael
arts | community | documentary | flowers | humor | nature | observational | video

Stapelia Ophelia (2005, 2.7MB, 1:23 min.)

‘The corpse flower’ in the window is getting louder, I can hardly
think. There is no running away from the smell, the sound is
deafening if you listen closely. The flowers keep coming back, I
cannot stop them. There is wind & rain as well, now, as I am seeing
the clip much later, the elements without which the day would be void.

Sam Renseiw

25th April 2008 by michael
arts | dance | experimental | flowers | music video | performance | video | vlog

Moves and Shadows
Moves and Shadows (2008, 17.5MB, 3:17 min)

3:17 min of visual enchantment from the genius Dane
in this utterly ravishing dance vid.

Paul Kelly – two movies

11th February 2008 by michael
arts | experimental | flowers | nature | portraiture | silent | video

Armenia: Mandelstam
Armenia: Mandelstam (2007, 16.3MB, 3:24 min)

Track 4 (2007, 10.3MB, 1:46 min)

A couple of rather evocative & lyrical pieces from Paul Kelly
about whom I know very little.
On his site he’s says he’s reluctant to join the
online fray, publicising his work.
Know how he feels, but I’m glad he got in touch with us
& we’re pleased to show his stuff here- it deserves an audience.