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Brian Eno – Mistaken Memories of Medieval Manhattan

31st December 2012 by brian
arts | conceptual | documentary | experimental | historical | music | observational | video

Mistaken Memories of Medieval Manhattan (1981, 43MB, 6:01 min)

A six minute excerpt from the 45 min beaut.
The DVD comes with ‘Thursday Afternoon’ and your
option of playing either movie vertically or horizontally.

Erica Schreiner – Ohio

12th November 2012 by brian
arts | flowers | nature | portraiture | video | vlog

Ohio (2008, 34MB, 3:23 min.)

Short analog video by Portland based artist Erica Schreiner.
Music by by Prussia.

Stan VanDerBeek – 2 Poem Films

11th July 2012 by brian
animation | arts | conceptual | experimental | film | historical

Astral Man an Illuminated Poem (1959, 22MB, 2:27 min.)

poem field No2 (1966, 60MB, 5:42 min.)

A true innovator. Creator of countless films displaying complete artistic control.
What vision Stan VanDerBeek, what vision.

Bleip – No

16th February 2012 by brian
animation | arts | experimental | music video

Bleip – No (2001, 14.32 MB, 2:59 min.)

Beautiful visuals and some on point editing from Pleix,
a group of digital artists in Paris, France.
The music on this one is provided by Bleip.

Comme un Chat Noir au Fond d’un Sac

24th January 2012 by brian
arts | cinema | film | movie | movie making | music video

comme un chat noir au fond d’un sac (2006, 18.4MB, 4:47 min)

A beautiful excerpt from Stephane Elmadjian’s feature film found
on composer Daniel Wohl’s website.
Starting off a bit intense it winds itself down and into some breathtaking stuff.

Sigur Ròs : Heima Trailer

8th December 2011 by brian
arts | cinema | community | documentary | documentary arts | film | movie | trailer

Heima Trailer
heima trailer (2007, 46.7 MB, 3:53 min.)

An exquisite trailer for the promising first film from Iceland’s Sigur Ròs.
Watch, and then tell me you did not add Iceland to your top 5 places
to see before you die.


17th October 2011 by brian
arts | music video | performance

Ninja Tune
ninja tune (2006, 10.9MB, 5:06 min.)

Distorted Minds
distorted minds (2006, 6.9MB, 3:18 min.)

Brilliant, and in the case of the first piece, hilarious work from
Hexstatic out of London.
The second featuring Juice Aleem.

Now. Go practice.

Arni & Kinski

30th June 2011 by brian
arts | music video | performance | video

glosoli (2005, 45.3MB, 6:14 min)

hoppipolla (2006, 34.7MB, 4:38 min)

Iceland’s own, Stefan Arni and Siggi Kinski, have provided
“pure aesthetic beauty” to back these two wonderful Sigur Ros tracks.

Found on their site.

Ed Banger

23rd June 2011 by brian
animation | arts | music video

ed rec vol. 2 (2007, 9.7MB, 1:05 min)

Little animation for Ed Banger Records Ed Rec Vol. 2.
Music is by Mr Oizo.

your eye on local sports

25th March 2010 by brian
arts | cellphone | conceptual | ephemera | mobile device | serial | video | webcast

untitled 1 (2010, 630kb, 7 sec.)

untitled 2 (2010, 1MB, 10 sec.)

trophy sports (2010, 768kb, 8 sec.)

three miniatures from nick vitou (ormo).
all cellphone uploads to facebook.
all shot on location while running replay for a local sports television network.
..DNF chancellor with a gold eye.

& check out his music endeavors at LAPS.