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Helen Park – slow burn poetry

16th March 2007 by michael
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Hope (2002, 32MB, 5:30 min. )

What Godard Said
What Godard Said (2005, 29MB, 5:19 min.)

Two pieces, extraordinary in both ambition & affect,
from filmmaker Helen Park.

It takes a little while, ‘it did for me’ then not only
does the quiet ecstacy of the thing kick in, but your
mouth drops open at how boldly and confidently this
world grows & blossoms from very simple & at first
apparently unpromising material.
Helen Park also maintains a rather good vlog.

Belleville Rendez-Vous

15th March 2007 by doron
animation | arts | cinema | film | satire | trailer

Belleville Rendez-Vous (2003, 6.2MB, 2:08 min.)

A deliciously dark and twisted French comic animation film
in which a “Tour de France” cyclist is kidnapped by the Mafia.
Directed by Sylvain Chomet.

House of Cosbys

14th March 2007 by admin
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House of Cosbys
House of Cosbys (2005, 10MB, 5 min.)

from Channel 101.
This video should recieve lots of attention because it is really really
funny. Instead, it made the papers because Bill Cosby’s lawyers
threatened Channel 101 and their video hosting service with
cease and desist letters.

By Mica Scalin.

Izzy Video: DV Tutorials in Video Podcast Form

13th March 2007 by doron
community | documentary | education | movie making | serial | video | vlog

Depth of Field
Depth of Field (2005, 25.9MB, 4:39 min.)

Hard and Soft Light
Hard and Soft Light (2005, 16.4MB, 4:37 min.)

Cutting (2006, 22.7MB, 4:15 min.)

Izzy is Israel Hyman, a weekend videographer from Mesa, Arizona.
His short educational tutorials are great and illustrate simple
techniques for shooting better DV.

Midnight in The Deli – MTAA

12th March 2007 by admin
arts | conceptual | documentary arts | interview | new media art | satire

MTAA in The Studio
MTAA in The Studio (2006, 33MB, 5:49 min.)

MTAA’s ’10 Pre-Rejected, Pre-Approved Performances’, was included in
Performa05. The work, selected by an online voting process is described as follows:
An installation is created with $100 worth of materials bought at the nearest
24-hour ATM-enabled deli or convienance store.
The materials are purchased at midnight.

In this video, Mica interviews MTAA in their studio &
gets the lowdown on this project and more.

By Mica Scalin.

Boy In Static – Where It Ends

9th March 2007 by michael
arts | music video | performance

Where It Ends
Where It Ends (2007, 48.3MB, 4:09 min)

To my shame, never heard of Boy in Static before someone
called Alex sends us a nice e mail about this vid, directed by
Yoshi Sodeoka of c505, but video, music, both, turn out to
be rather lovely…

Tales Heard at my Grandfather’s Knee

8th March 2007 by doron
animation | arts | movie | video | vlog

Tales Heard at my Grandfather’s Knee (2006, 16MB, 1:35 min)

by Michael Szpakowski.

Lynch’s Inland Empire

7th March 2007 by michael
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Inland Empire UK trailer
Inland Empire UK trailer (2006, 13.6MB, 1:53 min)

OK, so there’re the famous rabbits.
It’s only just come out over here so I haven’t
seen it yet but it sounds great.
The New York Times certainly thought so.
UK site
US site

‘Lenin’ – with Meir Pichhadze by Doron Golan

6th March 2007 by michael
arts | drawing | experimental | literature | movie | music video | video

Lenin (2006, 21.3MB, 3:50 min.)

‘Once while walking, Leo Tolstoy spotted in the distance the figure of a
man squatting and gesturing strangely; a madman, he thought, but on
drawing nearer he was satisfied that the man was attending to necessary
work, sharpening a knife on a stone. Lenin was fond of citing this example.’

Ygael Gluckstein (Tony Cliff ) – Lenin Vol 1

with Meir Pichhadze. music by Yehuda Poliker. movie by Doron Golan.

“Je suis Marxiste, tendence Groucho”

5th March 2007 by michael
arts | cinema | film | historical | movie | satire

A Night at the Opera
from ‘A Night at the Opera’ (1935, 1.6MB, 50 sec.)

A Night at the Opera
from ‘A Night at the Opera’ (1935, 1.7MB, 1:19 min.)

From the excellent & mind-bogglingly comprehensive
‘Night at the Opera’ treasury, two clips from the Marx Brothers classic,
the first of which includes the best punchline ever, no argument, the best.