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Aaron Cavanagh – 3D

11th December 2009 by michael
dance | experimental | music video | performance | remix/mashup | video

3D (2009, 52 MB, 1:42 min)

I taught Aaron Cavanagh last year at Teesside University.
I don’t know whether he’s still making video but anyone
who can make stuff as viscerally exhilarating
as this certainly should be.
Couple more from Teesside next week.

Because Washington Is Hollywood For Ugly People – Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung

10th December 2009 by doron
activism | animation | arts | audio | community | installation | new media art | observational | politics | printmaking | remix/mashup | satire | serial | video

Because Washington Is Hollywood For Ugly People (2007, 79 MB, 7:24 min)

Ed Day – Hats

9th December 2009 by michael
humor | landscape | narrative | performance | place | strange | theatre | video

Hats (2009, 123 MB, 10:54 min)

A first film from young UK actor Ed Day this made me laugh quite inordinately.
It was “was filmed over a few weeks in Jersey and Guernsey with the cast from
Oddsocks Theatre Company’s 2009 summer tour of Richard III”.

Apart from the humour what strikes home is the sheer technical ability,
wit and

Song of the Sandias Mtns by Derek Larson

8th December 2009 by doron
arts | conceptual | humor | new media art | portraiture | strange | video

Song of the Sandias Mtns (2009, 50MB, 58 sec.)

“Shot in the Sandias Mountains of New Mexico, this was
inspired by the myth of the West, the loss of an era of
decadent travel, joblessness and death.”

By Derek Larson.

Brantley Jones – Dead Plants

7th December 2009 by michael
arts | audio | conceptual | experimental | music | nature | observational | strange | video

Dead Plants
Dead Plants (2009, 36 MB, 1:24 min)

Another from the seemingly inexhaustible (but always pleasantly individual)
film seam at the School of Athens.
This is a lovely understated little study of plants, which fuses quirk,
a certain menace and a strange found beauty into something very satisfying.
Brantley Jones seems to live a double life – his website contains much more
“well made” stuff.
It will be interesting to see where he heads, eventually.

PS Also, how can you not warm to someone who lists the late great
David Foster Wallace as inspiration?

Mark Napier at [DAM]Berlin Gallery

4th December 2009 by doron
arts | conceptual | documentary arts | exhibition | new media art | portraiture | remix/mashup | satire

Venus 2.0 (2009, 8 MB, 30 sec.)

[DAM]Berlin Gallery will exhibit new software works by artist
Mark Napier from 5th of December 2009 to 27th of January 2010.

Plastilina Mosh: OXIDADOS

3rd December 2009 by admin
arts | humor | music video | remix/mashup

OXIDADOS (2003, 13MB, 3:09 min)

Plastilina Mosh, one of the original, eclectic rock en Espanol groups.
Here is a new, old school video like the 80.

By Mica Scalin.

‘Text Rain’ by Camille Utterback and Romy Achituv

2nd December 2009 by doron
arts | audio | conceptual | documentary arts | installation | new media art | poetry | realtime | technology

Text Rain (1999, 12 MB, 2:34 min.)

‘Text Rain’ is an interactive installation in which participants
lift and play with falling letters in real time. The falling letters
form lines of a poem about bodies and language.

By Camille Utterback and Romy Achituv.

A Sad Loss

1st December 2009 by michael
arts | community | tribute

Voting (2008, 37.2MB, 13:37)

We’re deeply sad to have to report the untimely death on Sunday of
Millie Niss, at the age of 36.
Anyone fortunate enough to have met her, either online or in person,
will have been struck by the combination of razor sharp intelligence,
a glorious sense of humour and personal kindness with a sense of utter
puzzlement at pomposity, bullshitting or self-agrandisement.
She just didn’t get the latter three.

In recent years, working in close collaboration with her mother, Martha Deed
she brought us the wonderful Sporkworld Microblog,
something that always felt to me that rarity, the invention
of a new form (or at least an unprecedentedly deep and
thorough realisation of the possibilities of a new medium,
effectively the same thing.)
It’s uncool to the deepest degree, being about domesticity,
illness, food, birds and animals glimpsed from a car or house window,
the life of a small blue-collar town -its problems and its festivals- and so much more,
but then cool -being a facade- was a concept lost on Millie and that’s why I
treasure all the more this beautiful work and I mourn her loss
as an artist, as a friend and as a marvellous human being.

We send our deepest condolences to Millie’s family but in particular to Martha.

As a small tribute we post once again their short collaborative film about Millie’s
attempt to deal with the absentee ballot form in last year’s presidential election.