Marina Zurkow: Slurb – single channel animation

Slurb (excerpt) (2009, 24 MB, 3:43 min.)

“Slurb” was originally commissioned for a 2009 Tampa, Fla., arts festival.
The 18 min. continuous loop with an ambient electronic pop-inspired soundtrack
paints a picture of a post-apocalyptic future world that’s been destroyed by some
sort of alluvial pollution-triggered catastrophe.
By Marina Zurkow.
Music by Lem Jay Ignacio. Additional animation: Jen Kelly

Morrisa Maltz – Previous Process

previous process
Previous Process (2010, 15MB, 1:25 min)

New work from Morrisa Maltz, both revisiting and developing
themes, images and ideas from previous work.
Maltz’s work is growing & unfolding at a slightly scary pace.
The piece too, a little bit scary; or, better, unheimlich.
Interesting to compare it even with the last piece of hers we posted here,
bare weeks ago.
I want to say Maltz has a natural feel for image, cut, sound
but I suspect it is actually worked for and worked for hard.
Good. No falling back, then, on glib facility but lots
more change, development and fascinating work to come.

Shannon Noble – Newt

Newt (2010?, 47MB, 1:48 min)

We haven’t had anything from Shannon Noble for a long time.
He’s quite elusive. His blog springs up, then disappears, then appears
again under a different name. Currently most of his stuff just seems to
be sitting, unlinked, in a folder on his site.
His work is always interesting (in the strong sense that one can
always learn from it) and hardly ever showy. Maybe his lack of need to show off
or jump up and down saying look at me, even when he’d be justified in so doing
is tied in with his apparent reluctance to promote his work.
Don’t get me wrong -I approve of the former -it makes the viewer do some work and there
are rewards to be had here for doing that work.
Here’s the first of two pieces, a bit like Robert Croma’s piece earlier this week,
not at all in mood or content but simply in being by someone who clearly knows
exactly what they are doing.
The use of sound is both deeply eccentric and wonderful.
More next week.

Suzon Fuks – RINGS from #1 to #6

RINGS from #1 to #6 (2009, 24 MB, 6:35 min.)

An ongoing series (now numbering six) of one-minute unedited shots which
can each stands alone. Improvised choreography multi-reprojected on body parts,
with James Cunningham, Helen Varley Jamieson, Scotia Monkivitch and Suzon Fuks.
Text by Fernand Shirren.

By Suzon Fuks.

Robert Croma – La Descente

la descente
La Descente (2010, 96MB, 8:21 min)

It’s always great to have a new piece from Robert Croma
recently this has been an all too rare event.
Great to report that his first in a year is as good as it is.
I know that the people-going-down-steps/up-or-down-escalators/though-doors movies
have come to constitute almost a micro-genre, but this is an exceptionally
meticulous and rich example.
In particular what makes it for me is the decision (wherever – camera, edit – in the workflow
it happened) to leave in the faces who gaze boldly back at the camera.

A lot of Croma’s work employs subtly deployed but thorough post-production
to heighten and poeticize further his material. Here it’s rather his visual acuity
and the years of experience accumulated both in still and moving image which leads
to this simple but devastating handling of his original footage.
Similarly his use of sound is unobtrusive but exceedingly well judged.

I hope it’s not a year to the next one.