Two tiny Sporkworld loops

28th July 2009 by michael
arts | community | conceptual | documentary odd | experimental | humor | landscape | light | Lumière | narrative | observational | photography | silent | stop motion | video

A Small Spork Lumiere (2009, 3MB, 9 sec silent loop)

Fireworks (2009, 2MB, 43 sec silent loop)

Two from the ever reliable, delightful, and in its quiet & unassuming
(but frequently deadly – it’s the Columbo of art blogs) way, mould-breaking
Sporkworld Microblog, which if you don’t follow religiously, you should.
Ironically, given the setting, A Small Spork Lumiere could constitute a kind
of ostensive definition of dryness.

Light Attack – Studio Daniel Sauter

24th July 2009 by doron
animation | architecture | arts | community | documentary arts | experimental | humor | light | new media art | participatory | technology

Light Attack (2004, 17MB, 4:55 min.)

Light Attack

‘uses a custom mobile projection setup installed in a car
to project an animated virtual character onto the cityscape.
Short pre-recorded video loops are arranged into seamless motion
patterns by the computer software, allowing interaction with the
architecture and passers-by in real-time.’

More from Studio Daniel Sauter.

Daquar at the Nordic Light Hotel

1st April 2009 by brittany
abstract | arts | design | ephemera | installation | light | new media art | video

Daquar at the Nordic Light Hotel (2008, 40MB, 3:38)

Excerpt from short film made for the Nordic Light Hotel,
from Swedish art and design company Daquar.

Homographies by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

5th March 2009 by doron
arts | conceptual | documentary arts | installation | light | new media art | serial | technology | video

Homographies (2006, 33MB, 8 min.)

HOMOGRAPHIES is an interactive installation featuring 144 robotic fluorescent
light fixtures controlled by 7 computerized surveillance systems. As people
walk under the piece, the light tubes rotate to create labyrinthine patterns of
light that are

Millie Niss – Commercial Spots

9th February 2009 by michael
arts | community | documentary | ephemera | light | narrative | observational | video | vlog

Commercial Spots (2006, 8.4MB)

Archive sutff from the Sporkworld stable, this time from Millie Niss & it has
all the hallmarks that make Sporkworld work such an unalloyed pleasure.
Manifestly bullshit free, apparently straightforward but with onion like layers,
this one wonderfully highlights Niss

Under Scan by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

28th January 2009 by doron
arts | community | conceptual | documentary arts | experimental | installation | light | new media art | participatory | technology | video

Under Scan (2005, 31MB, 9:51 min.)

“Under Scan” is a public art installation based on self-representation.
Thousands of “video-portraits” taken in Derby, Leicester, Lincoln, Northampton
and Nottingham are projected onto the ground; at first, the portraits are not
visible because the space is flooded by white light coming from a high-powered
projector. As people walk around the area, their shadows are cast on the ground,
revealing the video-portraits in short sequences.
By Rafael Lozano-Hemmer.