More from Kevin Flanagan

3rd July 2012 by michael
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Grass Barbed
Grass Barbed (2008, 13.8MB, 41 secs, silent)

Grass in Wind
Grass In Wind (2008, 20.4, 48 secs, silent)

Utter loveliness from Irish artist Kevin Flanagan in 2008.
Utter loveliness never something to be disdained in my view, but here it’s also allied to a
steadfastness of purpose & well, just simple old fashioned
courage of conviction.

2 from Loiez Deniel

7th June 2012 by michael
arts | experimental | flowers | nature | video | vlog


Ice Flowers – and my cat was so curious (2007, 23.5MB, 3:59 min)


shame (2007, 14.8MB, 2:27 min)

From 2007: first beauty tout court, then beauty with a big sting in the tail.

From Loiez Deniel, all of whose work is worth spending time with.

More from Diana Brighouse

22nd May 2012 by michael
abstract | conceptual | experimental | nature | new media art | poetry | video

Floating Green Leaves
5 Minute Measurement (2012, 279MB, 5:04 min)

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Diana Brighouse – Floating Green Leaves

16th May 2012 by michael
abstract | animation | arts | experimental | nature | new media art | poetry | video

Floating Green Leaves
Floating Green Leaves (2012, 212MB, 3:52 min)

Diana Brighouse is a doctor turned artist in a grand tradition.
She’s currently completing an MA at the University of Chichester in the UK.
Her work is intensely thoughtful and thought through and also often very beautiful.
I’m not always keen on artist commentaries on their own work but what she sent
me is a model of clarity so I’ll reproduce it in full here.

‘The underlying stimulus for my work is to challenge the reductive philosophy
that prevails in Western society today.
I believe that reductionism is manifest through a prioritising of scientific
or quantitative methodology. An unquestioning belief in the measurable is
found not only in science and technology, but also in education, medicine
and politics.
I believe that the supremacy of the measurable can be directly related not
only to the political and financial threats to the arts, but also to the
regressive attitudes towards women and the disabled.
Successive postgraduate university educations in medicine, spirituality,
psychotherapy and art have repeatedly challenged the certainties I have
been taught.
My use of digital video (a quantitative binary process) to produce images
that I believe to be non-reductive reflects the paradoxes created by my
chosen professions.
There are multiple possible interpretations of the videos depending on
the background of the viewer. This is deliberate and hopefully supports
my non-reductive thesis.
These videos are part of a series investigating reflections; a second
series that I am also currently working on investigates shadows.
My intention is that this series will be more politically orientated.
My videos are taken in my garden and edited with Sony Vegas Platinum 11.0HD.’

We’ll have another of these beautiful works next week.

2 from Jack Ryan

7th October 2011 by michael
arts | experimental | landscape | nature | place | remix/mashup | video

I Fell for You (2011, 216MB, 1:00 min)

Threshold (2011, 86MB, 3:29 min)

I Fell For You:

‘My early artistic ideas came from a 3-year experience as
a commercial fisherman in Alaska. At the time, my work
centered on ideas consistent with the locale: hermetic
fabulousness, escape, odyssey, and the sublime.
Todayperversities of the sublime continue to influence the
way I shape projects. A consensual explanation of the
contemporary sublime would acknowledge that there are
thresholds of human perception and a desire to explore these
thresholds connecting ourselves to a greater environment of
understanding and awareness. At the root of my work is
an interest in human experience.’


‘Borrowing from fluxus films Threshold is filmed in Iceland
and the Oregon Coast and made for a project with The
Archer Gallery.
The video takes place where land meets sea, where the
landscape moves from vertical to horizontal, and
associatively between life (verticality) and death (horizontality)’

I’m guessing the club formed by the intersection of the sets of
experimental video makers and of former commercial fishermen
in Alaska is a fairly exclusive one.
Jack Ryan upholds its honor in these two exhilarating
(but totally uningratiating, no puppy-dog-eyes here) pieces.
I especially love “I fell…”.
Very bracing.

Heath Bunting – Memorial Stone

20th May 2011 by doron
activism | arts | community | conceptual | documentary arts | experimental | identity | nature | new media art | observational | participatory | politics | portraiture | video

Memorial Stone (2011, 92 MB, 38:31 min)

“As technology moves forward.. all my work is falling apart.. I’d like to move
forward as well, into a more outside adventurous practice, so this video is an
attempt to document the ruins and the remains of my internet work”
– by Heath Bunting

Ruth Catlow – Landscape

16th May 2011 by michael
arts | conceptual | drawing | experimental | landscape | light | nature | new media art | observational | performance | place | poetry | process/systems | travelogue | video

Landscape (2011, 114MB, 3:12 min)

Ravishing piece of work from my friend and colleague Ruth Catlow
who is also co-director of the indispensible Furtherfield.org

We’ve been talking a lot amongst ourselves and with our students about
continuities across art history and about hybrid techniques which
meld both the ancient and the newest.
Filmed in the New Forest, this piece (apart from its great beauty)
is an exemplar of this approach and pathbreaking in its way.
(More so than much which, dull-eyed, shouts and waves the latest thing
from the rooftops.)
The oldest kind of mark making, delicately but robustly realised,
captured on a tiny portable video camera in a semi-performative
way and then networked…
Beautiful and nourishing both.

Edward Picot –Things That Flow

3rd May 2011 by michael
arts | conceptual | landscape | nature | observational | place | video

after the fall
Things That Flow (2011, 175 MB, 4:00 min)

Doing what it says on the can, and doing it elegantly
and with understatement and grace, a new pastoral (although
that’s not quite the word because the urban, or at least the mechanical,
usually intrudes into the idyll in some way) from Edward Picot.

Anne de Vries – Forecast

25th February 2011 by doron
arts | nature | new media art | remix/mashup | video

Forecast (2011, 58 MB, 5:04 min)

By Anne de Vries.
Text: Bertrand Russell.
Sound: James Whipple.
Tech assistance: Timur Si-Qin.

Martha Deed – Snow Haiku

14th February 2011 by michael
arts | landscape | nature | observational | place | poetry | video

snow haiku
Snow Haiku (2011, 28MB, 1:22 min, silent)

Oh this is beautiful!
Martha Deed‘s work is unique, beholden to no-one;
lyrical and tough at the same time.
It’s the work of someone who has seen a great deal of life,
of sadness and wickedness both and yet who still dares to
hope and to dream and to find that life wonderful.