Vera Brunner-Sung

22nd June 2012 by brittany
arts | conceptual | documentary | film | narrative

Vera Brunner-Sung – untitled (2006, 2.5MB, 1:10)

Vera Brunner-Sung – Longshore (2004, 9.9MB, 4:34)

Two short films from Vera Brunner-Sung, made respectively
on 16mm and super 8, both exploring boundaries of privacy
and community, the understanding of memory and place.

Impactist – Nebraska

17th May 2012 by brittany
arts | documentary arts | film | portraiture

Impactist – Nebraska – in single frames (2004, 16.9MB, 3:29)

The simplicity of this piece resonates with me.
A 2004 piece from the enormously talented Impactist duo,
Kelly Meador & Daniel Elwing.

Wheeler Winston Dixon – Serial Metaphysics

3rd May 2012 by michael
arts | community | documentary | experimental | film | remix/mashup | tv | video

Serial Metaphysics
Serial Metaphysics #1 (1984-86, clip, 6.4MB, 1:08 min)

Serial Metaphysics
Serial Metaphysics #2 (1984-86, clip, 5.9MB, 1:08 min)

Wheeler Winston Dixon is now a professor of film studies
at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Before he did that he made
a lot of (on the evidence of these clips & others) really great short movies.
In particular these two clips from Serial Metaphysics, apparently almost
entirely constructed from TV ads, whet the appetite for a viewing
of the whole twenty minutes.
Dixon conjures fever dream magic from commercial banality.
Check in particular the end sequence of clip one:
David Lynch eat your heart out.

Man With a Movie Camera – Perry Bard

20th April 2012 by doron
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Man With a Movie Camera (Trailer) (1929-2007, 6MB, 2:17 min.)

“Man With a Movie Camera is a participatory video shot by people around the world
who are invited to record video according to the original script of Vertov’s Man With
A Movie Camera and submit it to a website which will archive, sequence and deliver
it. When the work streams your contribution becomes part of a worldwide montage,
in Vertov’s terms the ‘decoding of life as it is’.
Project by Perry Bard.

Hal Hartley – Henry Fool

6th February 2012 by michael
arts | cinema | film | trailer

Henry Fool trailer
Henry Fool -trailer (1997, 5.2MB, 2:05 min.)

Henry Fool clip
Henry Fool -clip (1997, 3.3MB, 57 secs)

In a rationally ordered universe Hal Hartley would be feted
as one of the most thoughtful, bold & innovative filmakers
of the last 20 years.
We showed the trailer for Fay Grim, his sequel to 1997’s Henry Fool
here awhile back.
Here’s ’s the trailer from Henry Fool & also a short clip.

While we wait for the next one ( this month, if you’re lucky
enough to be in New York) there’re a couple of good
Hartley things available from the indispensable
microcinema international.

Comme un Chat Noir au Fond d’un Sac

24th January 2012 by brian
arts | cinema | film | movie | movie making | music video

comme un chat noir au fond d’un sac (2006, 18.4MB, 4:47 min)

A beautiful excerpt from Stephane Elmadjian’s feature film found
on composer Daniel Wohl’s website.
Starting off a bit intense it winds itself down and into some breathtaking stuff.

Glimpse of the Garden

9th January 2012 by brittany
arts | conceptual | experimental | film | historical

Marie Menken – Glimpse of the Garden (1957, 36.2MB, 5:04)

Marie Menken, avant-garde filmmaker of the 1940s, 50s,
and 60s – in addition to being the inspiration for
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and a Warhol
superstar – made inspirational work from a time we seem
to overlook too much today. The garden here belongs
to one of her husband’s former male lovers, and while
Menken was often criticized for being quaint in her displays,
her style is an obviously feminine one that hides much
deeper meaning in ordinary but stunning visuals.

Recreation, Re-Creation, or, We Like OLD Stuff – Bitsy Knox

4th January 2012 by doron
conceptual | documentary | experimental | film | historical | interview | remix/mashup

Recreation, Re-Creation
Recreation, Re-Creation (2006, 9.6 MB, 4:27 min.)

“This video juxtaposes original 16 mm footage acquired from my Grandfather
with interview footage taken of my Mother and Grandparents. All but the
past-tenses of their speaking are left intact, while the film footage has been
aggressively manipulated.
The project seeks to question the language of constructing one’s identity through
negotiation with familial history, where the past has been constructed and reconstructed
in order to corroborate certain facades of culture which are wished to be left intact.”

Bitsy Knox from 312.

Sigur Ròs : Heima Trailer

8th December 2011 by brian
arts | cinema | community | documentary | documentary arts | film | movie | trailer

Heima Trailer
heima trailer (2007, 46.7 MB, 3:53 min.)

An exquisite trailer for the promising first film from Iceland’s Sigur Ròs.
Watch, and then tell me you did not add Iceland to your top 5 places
to see before you die.

1905 at 2 a.m. in the subway

5th December 2011 by doron
community | documentary | documentary odd | film | historical | humor | narrative | observational | silent | strange

2 a.m. in the subway (1905, 8 MB, 56 sec.)

A subway platform, a policeman and a conductor, a well-dressed man
with a cigar and two women dressed in long skirts and jackets.
One of the women causes a sensation by raising her skirt and
revealing her stocking. Artificial legs are displayed out the subway car window.
From – The Open Video Project.