Scritti Politti – pop sublimity

Word Girl
The Word Girl (1985, 7.62MB, 3:14 min)

Oh Patti
Oh Patti (1988, 20.3MB, 4:14 min)

Two of the most perfect pop songs ever made, the first from
1985’s Cupid & Psyche & the second from 1988’s Provision
(& which features a trumpet solo from Miles Davis of staggering
economy & otherworldly beauty).
Pet Sounds excepted, pop music just doesn’t come better.
The vids aren’t just an adjunct – of course they have historical
interest (that weird decade!), but there’s something fragile
& haunting & mysterious there which survives the occasional impossible
to overlook moment of naffness.

Back By Popular Demand – The Lesbian Rangers

The Lesbian Rangers (2005, 18 MB, 1:41 min.)

Welcome to Reorientation 2005 (2005, 34.8 MB, 2:17 min.)

Victory at The Rock (2005, 72.4 MB, 4:45 min.)

Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan are Winnipeg-based collaborators whose
internationally acclaimed work addresses feminist, lesbian, and social concerns
with tremendous wit. “The Lesbian Rangers” were founded in 1997, to help people
learn about fascinating and fragile lesbian ecosystem. Rangers Dempsey and Millan
led the first expedition to Banff National Park, and continue to offer lesbian leadership today.
(thanks jillian)

Annie Pui Ling Lok

EP (2008, 45MB, 2:29 min)

Anyone who has been lucky enough to see dancer & artist Annie Pui Ling Lok
do the former will know what a fruitful combination of fierce, almost austere,
intellect & yet sensitivity to the particular, the fragile & the human, to expect.
There’s such a sure hand at work here – the confidence in collaging
disparate material brings Marker to mind & although we’ve tagged it
‘experimental’, in one sense the piece is anything but -it’s so not
a technical exercise, but a rounded, resonant work of art.

1905 at 2 a.m. in the subway

2 a.m. in the subway (1905, 8 MB, 56 sec.)

A subway platform, a policeman and a conductor, a well-dressed man
with a cigar and two women dressed in long skirts and jackets.
One of the women causes a sensation by raising her skirt and
revealing her stocking. Artificial legs are displayed out the subway car window.
From – The Open Video Project.