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Portrait as QTVR File

30th June 2009 by doron
arts | portraiture | VR

Portrait as QTVR File (2009, 1MB, QTVR)

by Michelle Ceja

Speed Reenactment w IP Relay

29th June 2009 by Annie
audio | cinema | conceptual | experimental | humor | narrative

Speed Reenactment w IP Relay (2009, 10MB, 2:34 min)

The dynamic between the two characters in Joel Holmberg’s Speed Reenactment w IP Relay is something like a London tourist trying to get a Queen’s Guard to flinch; but markedly more dynamic and impressive thanks to the hint of excitement and sass that arises in the operator’s voice, specifically when demanding a ransom of $3.7 million. And such a reaction comes from an operator whom we can only assume deals with frequent unoriginal prank calls, giving the piece a kind of insider approval that elevates it above mere tomfoolery. Holmberg revitalizes the long history of crank calls with conceptual soundness, illustrating the mode of inquiry of many a smart-ass net/video/new media artist: How can I get a laugh out of used-up pop entertainment without getting up from my computer?

If you enjoy this, Eddo Stern’s animation of a found script in Best Flamewar Ever should also please.

3 from Jimi Bogdanov

26th June 2009 by michael
arts | experimental | new media art | poetry | video

Film Number 130 (2009, 7MB, 1:45 min)

Film Number 108 (2009, 7.5MB, 1:33 min)

Film Number 109 (2009, 6MB, 1:16 min)

We posted on his work early on.
We – I – was a tad ungenerous then, I think.
There’s a really substantial, coherent and well
executed body of work now, of which here are three
good examples.
In particular I very much like #130 .
The formalism I was slighty sniffy about before
proves to be a central & very fruitful device and
unlocks considerable beauty.
Many more here.

2012 – Oliver Laric

25th June 2009 by doron
animation | arts | conceptual | new media art | politics | satire | serial

2012 (2009, 5MB, 1:50 min.)

by Oliver Laric.

Kurosawa trailers better than most entire films…

24th June 2009 by michael
archive | arts | cinema | film | historical | narrative | trailer

Scandal – trailer (1950, 7.7MB, 1:38 min)

The Idiot – trailer (1951, 6.3MB, 1:22 min)

Don’t know whether these are the original, or re-edited, trailers
but they’re wonderful, wonderful.
Watch and marvel.
I know neither of these films but I can’t wait to get my sweaty
palms on the DVDs from Eureka Cinema’s Masters of Cinema series.

2011 – Oliver Laric

23rd June 2009 by doron
animation | arts | conceptual | ephemera | new media art | politics | satire | serial

2011 (2009, 7MB, 2:08 min.)

by Oliver Laric.

A Taste Of His Own Medicine

22nd June 2009 by michael
community | ephemera | politics | remix/mashup | satire | strange | tv

talking asshole
talking asshole (2006, 1.5MB, 35 sec)

William Burroughs thou shouldst be living at custom essays uk this hour!
Not perhaps the most subtle of satires but
highly enjoyable nonetheless.
‘I commend your frontier justice’, or similar, said
a comment on Teddy Stern‘s blog.

Claudia Hart: 2005-2008 3-D Animated Installations

19th June 2009 by doron
animation | archive | arts | compilation | documentary arts | exhibition | installation | new media art | serial

Claudia Hart Animated Installations (2005-2008, 39MB, 8:19 min.)

Claudia Hart creates sublime landscape gardens that often contain
expressive and sensual female bodies that are meant to interject
emotional subjectivity into what is typically the overly-determined
Cartesian world of digital design. This video compilation includes
excepts from recent 3-D animated installations.”

from bitforms gallery NY.

Incident at Festival Pocket Films

18th June 2009 by doron
arts | documentary arts | event | mobile device | music video | narrative | observational | video

Incident (2009, 44MB, 1:27 min)

DVblog’s Michael Szpakowski won the Jury Prize at the
Pocket Films Festival at the Forum des Images in Paris
last weekend for this short dream-documentary.

Luke Murphy – Stream

17th June 2009 by doron
arts | conceptual | drawing | experimental | new media art | VR

stream (QTVR, 2005, 1.3MB)

This one uses meta-keywords from porn sites, rendered
as curved space and written in Duchamp