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Morrisa Maltz – an interesting intersection of art & commerce

2nd January 2012 by michael
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Saved By The Bell/Mofones (2011, 33MB, 54 secs)

The title of this post being words that seldom pass my lips but which in this case
are entirely to the point.
The splendidly creative video artist Morrisa Maltz whose work we’ve been delighted
to feature here several times made these..um..arty-i-phone holders, which are, it has
to be said, rather good and to cut a long story short their commercial potential was
spotted and now she is a C….E….O & Urban Outfitters are selling her stuff.
You can read a fuller account here and you can view & buy here.
I hope she spends all of any money she makes on giving herself time to make more of the
very smart and fetching art videos she’s so good at.
Anyway this is a promotional vid for the moFones, lovingly carved from “Saved by the Bell”.
She even does marketing classily.

Morrisa Maltz – MoFone commercial

8th February 2011 by michael
advertising | arts | commerce | conceptual | design | humor | mobile device | strange | video

MoFone commercial (2011, 8MB, 1:31 min)

First of two pieces this week from the very talented Morrisa Maltz,
this one is a commercial for some kind of art-phone venture she seems
to be involved in.
Whilst I might pass on the product, I’m stuck dumb by the glorious
verve and insouciance of the ad.
It’s interesting – her personal work is very identifiable ( in a good way, I
hasten to add, and, as you’ll see later this week it moves onwards).
This is utterly different but also a really really neat bit of film-making,
suggesting deep reserves of skill and smarts as well as vision.

Pink Tall Bike

14th July 2010 by michael
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pink tall bike
Pink Tall Bike (2010, 50 MB, 2:16 min)

One of those does-what-it-says-on-the-can movies.
Made by Mike Stoddard & Ryan Lynch who say:

”This is our latest creation made from free bikes and parts,
comprised of three womens’ frames, bed frame iron (front fork),
and an old ATV shock.
Filmed on the Woonsocket River Bikeway in Rhode Island. ‘

…not much to add except to say it’s very diverting &

8th July 2010 by doron
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Todd Polenberg – Monster/Identity Prosthetic

1st June 2010 by michael
arts | conceptual | event | experimental | humor | installation | mobile device | new media art | performance | portraiture | puppetry | strange | technology | video

Monster/Identity Prosthetic
Monster/Identity Prosthetic (2009, 54 MB, 1:13 min)

Documentation from last years Spark Festival of a rather splendid
installation by Todd Polenberg.

your eye on local sports

25th March 2010 by brian
arts | cellphone | conceptual | ephemera | mobile device | serial | video | webcast

untitled 1 (2010, 630kb, 7 sec.)

untitled 2 (2010, 1MB, 10 sec.)

trophy sports (2010, 768kb, 8 sec.)

three miniatures from nick vitou (ormo).
all cellphone uploads to facebook.
all shot on location while running replay for a local sports television network.
..DNF chancellor with a gold eye.

& check out his music endeavors at LAPS.

Infosphere Aesthetics – disney NASA borg

12th January 2010 by doron
abstract | arts | conceptual | documentary arts | exhibition | installation | mobile device | new media art | remix/mashup

Infosphere Aesthetics (2008, 13 MB, 3:12 min.)

Video documentation of “Infosphere Aesthetics” a solo show by
[dNASAb] at Cress Galleries, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

VIDEO ANIM8ed Paintings – disney NASA borg

6th January 2010 by doron
abstract | animation | arts | mobile device | new media art | video

DATAecosystem, BQE NODE (2008, 2 MB, 22 sec.)

DATAecosystem,BrooklynTransmission (2008, 3 MB, 31 sec.)

DATAecosystem, Brooklyn Node Transmission (2008, 3 MB, 31 sec.)

Videos for I-POD by [dNASAb].

Incident at Festival Pocket Films

18th June 2009 by doron
arts | documentary arts | event | mobile device | music video | narrative | observational | video

Incident (2009, 44MB, 1:27 min)

DVblog’s Michael Szpakowski won the Jury Prize at the
Pocket Films Festival at the Forum des Images in Paris
last weekend for this short dream-documentary.