Iban M. Selles – De Noche

25th April 2011 by michael
animation | arts | audio | experimental | light | photography | video

De Noche (2010, 71MB, 3:09 min)

I like the boldness of this, constructed by Iban M. Selles entirely
(and deftly) from stills taken on the set of , as I understand it,
a different film on which Iban Selles was working.
The sound, collaged from a number of movie soundtracks, is tremendous.
The piece as a whole has a slightly provisional feel to it -a study rather
than something definitive -but dull it’s not and I look forward to seeing
more work by Selles.

Eleanor Suess films Christopher McHugh

18th April 2011 by michael
arts | collaboration | documentary arts | light | observational | painting

Painting 01 (1998-2001, 58MB, 2:51 min)

More from Eleanor Suess, this time an exploration of a painting
by UK artist Christopher McHugh.
She get’s the usual basics of this sort of thing – fidelity to McHugh’s wonderful colour
sense in particular – spot on, but, as I’m beginning to realise with all of Suess’s
work, there’s a good deal more to it than initially meets the eye.
(Which expression strikes a philosophical note when applied to two
predominantly visual practices)
It’s the modesty (in the best sense) of the that work does it.
The work refuses either to ingratiate or ambush.
We could do with more of this.

Joy Garnett’s Unmonumental Videos

14th March 2011 by michael
arts | conceptual | ephemera | experimental | landscape | light | observational | photography | place | video

Found Art (Nolita) Unmonumental 484
Found Art (Nolita) Unmonumental 484 (2011, 36 MB, 26 secs)

Found Art (Chelsea) Unmonumental 507
Found Art (Chelsea) Unmonumental 507 (2011, 32 MB, 23 secs)

Joy Garnett is not only a fascinating and accomplished painter but
she takes a neat photo too.
There’s a huge set of images on her Flickr pages entitled
Unmonumental – a recording and honouring of the melancholy beauty
of the neglected, ephemeral, the broken and the passing.
Recently she’s added videos to the collection and here’re two
of them.
They are utterly beguiling and we’re going to show the whole
lot over the next weeks and months.

KMA – ‘Flock’ in Liverpool

9th February 2011 by michael
arts | collaboration | community | conceptual | dance | documentary arts | event | experimental | installation | light | music | new media art | participatory | performance | place | technology | video

device activated
‘Flock’ in Liverpool (2008, 152MB, 2:44 min)

How many times do you read artists’ descriptions of their own work
and think ‘naaaaa…’ totally failing to recognise their stated ambitions
in what appears to you to be, at best, somewhat pedestrian and at
worst, a total disconnect from what they write.
This is the complete opposite of that, utterly living up to the makers’
stated intentions, and an absolute spine tingler to watch even through
the distance of video documentation.
Check out the KMA site for a complete description of the piece,
an ‘interactive light installation’ based around Swan Lake,
but not until you’ve watched this beautiful bit of documentary.
Particularly touching is the genuine joy in participation it evokes.

Very hard to pull off and very moving to see.

Array – United Visual Artists

25th January 2011 by doron
arts | design | documentary arts | installation | light | new media art | participatory | serial | technology

Array (2008, 13MB, 2 min.)

“Array is a field of columns set in the courtyard of the Chuya Nakahara
Memorial Museum in Southern Japan. The columns create a field of
light and sound which gently shifts in response to the viewers

Nuit blanches 2010 Metz, France with DIEZ and paradigme

4th January 2011 by doron
abstract | architecture | arts | audio | collaboration | design | documentary arts | event | experimental | installation | light | new media art | performance | process/systems | technology | vj

Nuit blanches 2010 – DIEZ and paradigme (2010, 41 MB, 1:55 min.)

Collaboration of Video mapping, light and sound installation, done for
Nuit blanches 2010 Metz.
Audio Visual design by paradigme.
Scenography and video mapping by DIEZ.

Studio Banana TV Interviews Pablo Valbuena

2nd June 2010 by doron
abstract | architecture | arts | community | conceptual | design | documentary arts | installation | landscape | light | new media art

Interview with Pablo Valbuena (2009, 43 MB, 3:46 min)

Studio Banana TV interviews visual artist and architect Pablo Valbuena.
After working in digital media designing virtual architectures for videogames,
he currently looks for new ways of using light to introduce the dimensions of
time and movement in urban spaces, altering the perception of physical space
through projected virtual realities.

One Minute, Volume 4

26th May 2010 by michael
arts | compilation | experimental | historical | landscape | light | observational | place | screening | video

Martin Pickles – Dinosaur  (2010, 130 MB, 1:01 min)

1961 Revisited.
Nicki Rolls – 1961 Revisited  (2010, 114 MB, 58 secs)

Two pieces from a touring screening of one minute films,
the fourth such from British filmmaker Kerry Baldry.

It’s a really well put together and gripping hour
(transparency dictates I confess I have a piece in it
but I won’t foist that on you here), with a strike rate well above
most of this kind of compilatation.

Here are two of my favourite pieces; both, in different
ways, little gems of cinematic poetry.
Although Martin Pickle’s piece is amusing there’s
something enchanting about the changing seasonal
landscape & light of West London and how it manifests on screen,
which raises the work from anecdote to something more complicated
and lasting.

The Nicki Rolls piece had me in the palm of its hand within about a second.
(I’m a total sucker for near stillness and for the movement of light)
Then I started to think about what exactly I was watching.
You might like to give it some thought too.
Again, the twist breaks the confines of the one minute form
to resonate long after.

I haven’t see the other three compilations but I hope we could maybe
feature a couple of pieces from each in the not too distant future.

Next week we’ll have a piece by Kerry herself.

Victor Robledo – Diarios de Luz

7th April 2010 by michael
arts | documentary | light | observational | serial | video | vlog

DiarioDeLuz #15
Diario de Luz #15 (2006, 5.5MB, 1:48 min)

DiarioDeLuz #3
Diario de Luz #3 (2006, 5.3MB, 3:35 min)

Colombian artist & photographer Victor Robledo made a series
of these pieces in 2006 & posted them on a blog entirely given over to them .
Active since the mid Seventies, Robledo says
“The theme of my work has always been

VALIE EXPORT – Fragmente der Bilder einer Ber

12th February 2010 by michael
arts | documentary arts | exhibition | experimental | installation | light | video

Fragmente der Bilder einer Ber
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