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Alan Sondheim – Two Movies

6th May 2011 by michael
animation | arts | conceptual | experimental | landscape | performance | place | second life | video

after the fall
After the Fall (2011, 44 MB, 1:01 min)

Antenna (2011, 65 MB, 57 secs)

Two very different and very beautiful movies from Alan Sondheim.

8th July 2010 by doron
animation | arts | conceptual | documentary | film | mobile device | narrative | new media art | portraiture | satire | second life | tv


Gazira Babeli – Save Your Skin

23rd June 2010 by doron
activism | animation | arts | community | new media art | politics | second life | silent

Save Your Skin (2007, 4 MB, 1:03 min)

Save Your Skin – stolen skins, scripted environment,
where the skins of avatars are being put on display.
A Second Life performance by Gazira Babeli.

Gazira Babeli – iGods

16th June 2010 by doron
animation | arts | conceptual | exhibition | narrative | new media art | participatory | portraiture | second life | silent

iGods (2009, 34 MB, 8:20 min)

From doppelg

Gazira Babeli – Unbroken Eggs – Monument to Luciano Fabro

25th May 2010 by doron
animation | arts | community | conceptual | performance | second life

Unbroken Eggs – Monument to Luciano Fabro (2007, 13 MB, 3:30 min)

Physical scripted environment.
A Second Life performance by Gazira Babeli.

Sondheim – Watching Them

15th April 2010 by michael
animation | arts | audio | experimental | landscape | new media art | poetry | second life | strange | technology | video

Watching Them (2010, 14MB, 38 secs)


ALL-BEARING Omniparous
ALL-CHEERING That which gives gaiety to all.
ALL-CONQUERING That which subdues every thing.
ALL-DEVOURING That which eats up every thing.
ALL-FOURS A low game at cards, played by two.
ALL-HAIL All health.
ALL-HALLOWN The time about All-saints day.
ALL-HALLOWTIDE The term near All-saints, or the first of November.
ALL-HEAL A species of iron-wort.
ALL-JUDGING That which has the sovereign right of judgment.
ALL-KNOWING Omniscient, allwise.
ALL-SEEING That beholds every thing.
ALL-SOULS DAY The day on which supplications are made for all souls
by the church of Rome; the second of November.
ALL-SUFFICIENT Sufficient to any thing.
ALL-WISE Possessed of Infinite Wisdom

(From John Walker’s Critical Pronouncing Dictionary, 1825 ed.)

38 seconds of strange & aching beauty from Alan Sondheim.
The text above accompanied the original posting
of the vid on the Netbehaviour & Webartery lists.

House of Dreams

12th June 2009 by doron
animation | arts | conceptual | experimental | music video | new media art | remix/mashup | second life

House of Dreams (2009, 14MB, 2:57 min.)

A remix of Michael Szpakowski’s remix of Radiohead’s “House of Cards”.
Using images from Second Life and The Endless Forest, with some lyrics
which Edward Picot added in a whisper.

Sondheim in Second Life

22nd April 2009 by michael
animation | arts | conceptual | dance | exhibition | experimental | installation | performance | second life | video

Beam Me Up #1 (2009, 34.3MB, 1:50 min)

Beam Me Up #2 (2009, 9.5MB, 31 secs)

Beam Me Up #3 (2009, 12.4MB, 25secs)

unique blah blah blah genius blah blah blah nonpareil blah
inimitable blah matchless blah blah sui generis blah blah
nonesuch blah peerless blah blah blah sondheim


Sondheim – Swirl

15th October 2008 by michael
animation | arts | conceptual | dance | experimental | performance | second life

Swirl (2008, 21MB, 1:05 min)

Regular visitors will be aware of how little excuse we need
to post work from the formidable Alan Sondheim.
So…it’s Wednesday… – here’s one of his recent Second Life
His accompanying text appears below.

Jennifer and Julu: Clean yourselves, you dirty boys!
Jennifer and Julu: Clean yourselves, you dirty girls!
Julu: Hello Nikuko, you are looking wonderful this very morning.
Nikuko: Hello Julu, why you are looking odd I do think!
Julu: And my leg too hanging by a thread! Nikuko, where are you?
Nikuko: Oh dear you are half-blind Julu!
Julu: And you are All-Blind-Nikuko!
Julu: Can you see anything here? Can you see anything at all?
Nikuko: I hear your voice!
Nikuko: You do not, Julu, you do not have anything!
Julu: Maud, you must move slightly to your left, thank you.
Julu: Maud, you are not looking properly or you would move!
Nikuko: I am looking just fine, thank you!
Nikuko: I am so, I’m trying as hard as you are!
Julu: Adjust yourself!
Julu: You are adjusting yourself in a very wrong way!
Julu: It is 10:30 and you have just lost your head!
Nikuko: Ha ha ha I have lost my head over you!
Julu: And hello Nikuko, and how are you?
Nikuko: Now we will Swirl and Change.

Invisible Threads: Sweatshop Jean Factory in Second Life

28th January 2008 by doron
activism | arts | community | conceptual | design | documentary arts | experimental | satire | second life | video

Invisible Threads (2008, 18.3 MB, 2:53 min.)

Stephanie Rothenburg & Jeff Crouse will be producing designer blue jeans.
Styles include boot cut, skinny leg, flare and the new “Boyfriend” trousers.
Profits from these purchases will be used to maintain the factory and pay for