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Gerben Kruk – 2 Movies

16th December 2008 by michael
animation | arts | experimental | nature | video

Vogels (2003, 3.5MB, 1:01 min)

Overdrive(2003, 4.5MB, 1:12 min)

Two 2003 pieces from Dutch artist Gerben Kruk.
I like the way the quite in-your-face soundtrack in both cases
sets the tone for & structures our response to the visuals.
There’s a curious contradiction between the bucolic content of Vogels
and the sheer noisiness and velocity of it.

Stephen Slappe – 3 out of 4

15th December 2008 by brittany
arts | conceptual | documentary odd | ephemera | historical | humor

Stephen Slappe – 3 out of 4 (2005, 1.6MB, 0:45)

Short, rather humorous piece from Stephen Slappe,
which simultaneously celebrates large, antiquated rotating
advertisements and laments the disappearance of the four
basic food groups.

Uffe Ellemann-Jensen in Tokyo

12th December 2008 by brittany
advertising | commerce | conceptual | tv

Uffe Ellemann-Jensen in Tokyo – (2008, 5.1MB, 1:18)

Bear with me here: have you ever felt lost? I don’t
mean existentially. I mean alone in a place that was
not your own, a foreigner in a strange land, a stranger
in a foreign land. I have on several occasions – including
during a solo trip to Japan a few years ago – and when
this commercial came on my TV about a month back, I
couldn’t tear myself away. No, it isn’t net art or experimental
animation, but it’s beautiful and haunting and something I
certainly see far too little of on television. If you think a little
Lost in Translation, you wouldn’t be wrong for that. The guys
behind the this piece admitted in a recent interview that they
paid special attention to reproducing LiT details for fans of the film.

Other facts: this is a commercial for SAS featuring former
Danish Secretary of State
, and two more similar follow-ups
are running/forthcoming (though not featuring Ellemann-Jensen or Japan,
sadly). The startlingly mournful music is appropriately from Babel.
The tagline reads, in English, “Almost home” or “As good as home.”

Erik Bunger – the Allens

11th December 2008 by brittany
arts | cinema | conceptual | documentary arts | documentary odd | installation | movie making | remix/mashup | satire | technology

Erik Bunger – the Allens (2004, 23.3MB, 3:19)

Absolutely clever piece by Swedish artist Erik Bunger,
drawn from his experience moving from Sweden to
Germany, where many films on TV are dubbed. As
language can be so central to a character, Bunger
started thinking about people like Woody Allen, who
always play the same character but also one so
connected to his whiny, nervous New York accent.
For this installation piece, a computer program
continuously changed the dubbing of Allen between
his various vocal incarnations. Totally delightful.

Doomtree – Drumsticks

10th December 2008 by michael
arts | music video | performance | video

Drumsticks (2008, 32.1MB, 2:43 min)

I know no more about Doomtree than you can glean, gentle viewer, from their site
& their my space but this video simply fills me with joy.
First off, nothing with massed bicycles in it can be all bad but, over & above,
it’s something to do with the combination of skillz & almost palpable & somehow
innocent sincerity that just makes a beeline for my heart. Lovely.

Invisible People

9th December 2008 by brittany
activism | community | documentary | education | interview | narrative | video | vlog

Invisible People – Larry (2008, 48.6MB, 9:21)

Invisible People is a new project from Mark Horvath
that documents homelessness in Los Angeles. The
interviews are unedited, and it can honestly be hard
to watch some of them – but isn’t that the point?
The site comes with a warning:
Caution: some content may be offensive. Our hope is
you’ll get mad enough to do something.

This particular interview is one of my favorites, as Larry
is charismatic and Mark was able to capture that easily.
But I’d encourage you to go watch the others as well.
Mark himself is in a rough financial situation that might
soon land him back on the streets too.
Seems we are often our own best advocates.

MoTV News, Episode 1 – Marisa Olson

8th December 2008 by doron
activism | arts | community | conceptual | documentary arts | humor | interview | new media art | participatory | satire | tv | video

MoTV News, Episode 1 (2005, 13.6MB, 6:20 min.)

During her American Idol audition training process,
Marisa Olson asked MTV News veteran Tabitha Soren to interview her and
then critique her

Monochrom – Killing Capitalism with Christmas

5th December 2008 by michael
activism | arts | humor | performance | politics | puppetry | strange | video

Kiki and Bubu and the Feelings (2008, 48.9MB, 4:48 min)

More splendid agit-puppetry from monochrom.

Urban Eden by Millie Niss

4th December 2008 by doron
architecture | arts | community | documentary | observational | video

Urban Eden (2006, 5MB, 1:50 min.)

“This movie takes place in the “Urban Eden” of the IBM Building’s Public
Atrium & Sculpture Gallery. The soundtrack consists of quotes involving the
words, “apple” and “Eden.” Ironic, isn’t it, that the IBM Building is decorated
with sculpted Apples as if they were promoting a rival company’s products….”

by Millie Niss from sporkworld.

Disappointment – Carl Burgess

3rd December 2008 by brittany
arts | ephemera | humor | remix/mashup | video

Carl Burgess – Disappointment (2008, 9.6MB, 0:58)

Amusing short remix from artist Carl Burgess.