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Deerhoof Music Video – Martha Colburn

16th April 2010 by admin
animation | arts | music video | remix/mashup

Wrong Time Capsule(2005, 6.6 MB, 3 Min.)

This is a music video from 2005 for the band Deerhoof, created by
the artist Martha Colburn. A self-taught filmmaker, she
animates her collages into very fancy, lo-fi, kaleidoscopic,
trash-rock adventures. If you don’t get it from this description,
she has many cilps from her films posted on her website.
Go out of your way to see her work.

By Mica.

Sondheim – Watching Them

15th April 2010 by michael
animation | arts | audio | experimental | landscape | new media art | poetry | second life | strange | technology | video

Watching Them (2010, 14MB, 38 secs)


ALL-BEARING Omniparous
ALL-CHEERING That which gives gaiety to all.
ALL-CONQUERING That which subdues every thing.
ALL-DEVOURING That which eats up every thing.
ALL-FOURS A low game at cards, played by two.
ALL-HAIL All health.
ALL-HALLOWN The time about All-saints day.
ALL-HALLOWTIDE The term near All-saints, or the first of November.
ALL-HEAL A species of iron-wort.
ALL-JUDGING That which has the sovereign right of judgment.
ALL-KNOWING Omniscient, allwise.
ALL-SEEING That beholds every thing.
ALL-SOULS DAY The day on which supplications are made for all souls
by the church of Rome; the second of November.
ALL-SUFFICIENT Sufficient to any thing.
ALL-WISE Possessed of Infinite Wisdom

(From John Walker’s Critical Pronouncing Dictionary, 1825 ed.)

38 seconds of strange & aching beauty from Alan Sondheim.
The text above accompanied the original posting
of the vid on the Netbehaviour & Webartery lists.

Circulation by ZDEN

14th April 2010 by doron
arts | audio | community | documentary arts | nature | participatory | realtime | remix/mashup | technology | vj

Circulation by ZDEN
Circulation (2003, 56.1MB, 3:24 min)

ZDEN is a Slovakian artist and a pioneer in real-time
video performing – VJing. His live visuals are produced by a
self-developed post-production tool called CIRCULATION,
a software-based real-time 3 source video mixing engine.
Visit his site.
More vids here.

John Berryman – Dream Song #29

13th April 2010 by michael
arts | documentary arts | historical | interview | literature | performance | poetry | tv | YouTube

Dream Song #29 (1967, 11MB, 2:20 min)

There sat down, once, a thing on Henry’s heart

Double-Taker (Snout) – interactive installation

12th April 2010 by doron
arts | collaboration | community | conceptual | documentary arts | experimental | new media art | participatory | realtime | technology

Double-Taker (Snout) (2008, 7MB, 52 sec.)

“Double-Taker (Snout)” deals in a whimsical manner with the themes of trans-species
eye contact, gestural choreography, subjecthood, and autonomous surveillance.
The project consists of an eight-foot (2.5m) long industrial robot arm, costumed to
resemble an enormous inchworm or elephant’s trunk, which responds in unexpected
ways to the presence and movements of people in its vicinity. Sited on a low roof above
a museum entrance, and governed by a real-time machine vision algorithm,
Double-Taker (Snout) orients a supersized googly-eye towards passers-by, tracking their
bodies and suggesting an intelligent awareness of their activities. The goal of this kinetic
system is to perform convincing “double-takes” at its visitors, in which the sculpture
appears to be continually surprised by the presence of its own viewers

Troika Ranch -16 [R]EVOLUTIONS

9th April 2010 by michael
arts | audio | commerce | community | conceptual | dance | documentary arts | performance | realtime | technology

16 [R]EVOLUTIONS (2006, 3MB, 1:50 min)

I saw this piece from NY based group Troika Ranch a few years back
in deepest Essex, UK & it was utterly great –
took me about ten minutes to put my jaw back in postion after.
Certainly by far the most convincing & mature use of digital
technology/projection in a dance context I had then seen.
Much of the visual flavour comes from the Isadora real time video
manipulation software created by co-artistic director Mark Coniglio &
used together with motion sensing software.
It’s not just the tech stuff though – it’s great choreography & dance
somehow informed by the particular rhythms, logic, that the tech
feedback loop sets up, implies.
It’s the fact, too, that a company deploying cutting edge tech can
still use simple shadow & stillness to devastating effect.

Kozyndan – nudabranch love

8th April 2010 by doron
arts | collaboration | landscape | new media art | VR

nudabranch love (2006, 1.7MB, QTVR)

Kozyndan is the joint pseudonym of Los Angeles-based husband-and-wife
illustrator team Kozue and Dan Kitchens, known in particular for their
whimsical and occasionally absurd illustrations of modern cityscapes.

Victor Robledo – Diarios de Luz

7th April 2010 by michael
arts | documentary | light | observational | serial | video | vlog

DiarioDeLuz #15
Diario de Luz #15 (2006, 5.5MB, 1:48 min)

DiarioDeLuz #3
Diario de Luz #3 (2006, 5.3MB, 3:35 min)

Colombian artist & photographer Victor Robledo made a series
of these pieces in 2006 & posted them on a blog entirely given over to them .
Active since the mid Seventies, Robledo says
“The theme of my work has always been

Tom Frisch – Chicago Messenger

6th April 2010 by doron
arts | community | documentary | portraiture | video

Chicago Messenger (1998, 5MB, 2:54 min.)

A short documentary on the joys and hazards of being
a bike messenger in Chicago.
By Tom Frisch.


5th April 2010 by michael
abstract | archive | arts | audio | conceptual | experimental | new media art | observational | video

Willow Creek Coffee
Willow Creek Coffee (2006, 14.5MB, 47 sec.)

A Greater Degree of Hardware Awareness
A Greater Degree of Hardware Awareness (2006, 25.6MB, 4:40 min.)

Is that a Shakespeare reference I see before me?
These 3 artists from Milwaukee ( who seem to have mutated
into an essentially music making outfit since) used whatever comes to
hand or mind, allied to an aesthetic that privileged
collaboration, speed & the improvisational,
to make this beautiful & engaging work.