Psycho Bob – Bob’s Big Date

15th May 2012 by doron
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Bob’s Big Date (2008, 7 MB, 50 sec.)

“These are the adventures of a psychopath named Bob. Bob is not
a nice man; not even a little bit. This show is the video equivalent
of a Sunday comic strip.

Here Bob goes out on a date with Betty, perhaps the first woman
other than his mother to truly understand and appreciate him.”
From The AV Club.

Diesel U Music – Ben Hanbury

27th April 2012 by doron
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Ben Hanbury
diesalumusic (2006, 27MB, 3:19 min.)

Ben Hanbury entry for the Diesel U Music 2006 VJ competition.

Blurring Fat by Ajit Anthony Prem

21st February 2012 by doron
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Blurring Fat
Blurring Fat (2006, 19.15MB, 5:15 min.)


Podcast from Ajit @ squigglebooth
Her – Kelly Cook, Him/Writer/Director – Ajit Anthony Prem.
Superb !

Daniel Liss – Sixth Map

15th February 2012 by admin
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Sixth Map (2006, 17.3MB, 3.44 min.)

When filmmaker/videoblogger Daniel Liss challenged himself to make 7 videos in 7 days,
he also challenged his online audience to collaborate with him in the process.
His daily assignments came from viewers of his videoblog who determined
where, about what and how he should make each video.

Each day, they posted an assignment and each day Daniel posted a video in response.
Then came praise and criticism in the comments of each day’s videoblog post.

The process took him miles from home, he told personal stories, invented new narratives,
and played more than a few tricks on his guiding/goading audience.

For this video he was given the assignment,
“Today, you are a local. Trick us into believing that you are a local.
Tell us a story about your history.”

The entire Seven Maps series can be seen here : http://pouringdown.tv/sevenmaps

By Mica

Duncan Speakman – Is Life Boring?

13th January 2012 by brittany
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Duncan Speakman – Is Life Boring? (2005, 5.3MB, 1:17 min.)

From Duncan Speakman (yes, his real name) and the now abandoned 29fragiledays.
Duncan moved onto the less populated Delicate Museum, but I enjoy his older work much more (maybe because there is simply more of it?).
No contrived voice-overs (at least not at first), I’m also given enough time to meditate on the video.
Sometimes short is too short.
This is one of the best pieces from his previous incarnation.

Freud was a Fraud – Charlene Rule

1st December 2011 by doron
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freud was a fraud
freudwasafraud (2006, 6.1MB, 2:32 min)

‘There’s nothing like spending a little quality time with the
latest top ten questions about your potential state of mind.’

podcast from Charlene Rule aka scratch video.

A Broad Way

3rd November 2011 by admin
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A Broad Way, Trailer (2007, 60.89 MB, 5:17 min)

Saul Goode
worked with 400 filmmakers to
document every corner of New York’s most
famous street, Broadway.

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By Mica

Mr. & Mrs. Blue Skies – Ajit Anthony Prem

8th July 2011 by doron
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Mr. & Mrs. Blue Skies
Mr. & Mrs. Blue Skies (2006, 30MB, 5:30 min.)

‘September 7th marks three exciting years since meeting my wife.
In that time, my life has changed dramatically for the best.
It seems like I finally have a life!
This video should certainly remind you of being forced to sit through the
family vacation videos by your parents.
If it doesn’t then you should watch it a couple of times.’

Music: Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra
From Ajit @ squigglebooth

Fast Moving Animals

5th July 2011 by doron
arts | experimental | video | vlog

Port (2005, 3.8MB, 1 min.)

Beautiful slow moving images accompanied by complex
layered sound collages from the videoblog fast moving animals in 2005.

Window (2005, 5.4MB, 2 min.)

Tunnel (2005, 5MB, 1:19 min.)

The WhetherMan

28th June 2011 by doron
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03.07.06 (2006, 5.3MB, 1:54 min.)

03.12.06 (2006, 3.7MB, 1:08 min.)

03.17.06 (2006, 3.8MB, 1:13 min.)

Back in 2006, when video blogging just started, Andrew Schneider
was the funniest person on the internet.
From Astoria, Queens, it’s the whether|man.