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Goya’s Stories – Doron Golan

17th January 2008 by michael
arts | conceptual | experimental | narrative | observational | performance | portraiture | video

Goya’s Stories (2006, 26.4MB, 3:38 min)

Three Goya paintings – La Maja Desnuda (Nude Maja), El Rey Carlos
Cazador (King Carlos dressed as a hunter) and Autorretrato (Self-portrait) –
are brought to life by three present-day stand-ins. The beauty of the piece is
that none of the three people from the present day is an obvious
equivalent for the painting alongside which he or she is placed.
The least satisfactory of the three is the Maja. Goya’s nude is both
more blatantly sexual and less conventionally glamorous than the
equivalent we are given here. On the other hand the Carlos and
the Autorretrato – respectively a a wild-haired gaunt ceramicist
fingering a three-cornered pot, and an imposingly fat middle-aged
man half-naked at the seaside – do replicate the powerful combination
of individual character and human fallibility which comes across from
the Goya originals.

Edward Picot

Doron Golan has constructed contemporary stories from Goya
paintings, using people whose resemblance to Goya’s subjects is
One need not be familiar with the masterworks themselves to enjoy the
whimsical – at times, poignant – real life portraits constructed from
the paintings. Michael Szpakowski’s music intensifies the mood and detail of
Golan’s video. Like ekphrastic poetry, the video and music carry viewers into a
deeper exploration both of the paintings and the stories spun from

Martha Deed

Boling & Morales – Mad as a Box of Badgers

16th January 2008 by michael
animation | arts | conceptual | documentary | ephemera | humor | satire | strange | video

Sleighride (2006, 63MB, 4:30 min)

the church of the future (2006, 28.5MB, 2:39 min)

There’s a rather un-PC expression current in estuary English:
mental. Its semantic nuances don’t lend themselves to easy explanation.
It implies a kamikaze degree of chutzpah, often in a physical
context but also by metaphorical extension to any field of
behaviour & often expressing a kind of stunned admiration.
Well, watch the vids & deny if you can that John Michael Boling
+ Javier Alberto Morales ( collaborators on the visuals, JAM does the music on
sleighride) and owners of
are totally fucking mental

Asparagus! (A Stalk-umentary)

15th January 2008 by brittany
activism | arts | commerce | community | documentary | education | historical | narrative | politics | video

Asparagus! (A Stalk-umentary) – (2006, 65.8MB, 6:05)

From the excellent Media That Matters, powered by Arts Engine,
a short film from the Media Matters Film Festival 6.
Submissions are soon due for the 8th annual online festival.
Since I saw much of 6 on the big screen last year,
I’m reposting some of the most striking pieces.
All pieces are made by youth or other independent producers,
all under eight minutes.
This stalkumentary is also a 72-minute documentary,
cut down here to reach a wider audience.
Stories like these make so much sense to me,
being from a similar area, similar background.
Poignantly done, this is a lovely piece.
I also happen to really like asparagus.

Resexed Pistols – Antonio Mendoza

14th January 2008 by doron
arts | conceptual | experimental | historical | music video | portraiture | remix/mashup | video

Resexed Pistols
Resexed Pistols (2006, 6.4MB, 2:06 min)

“another remix of the sex pistols piece you posted a while ago..
i had been working on it awhile ago then i went on vacation… and when
i saw the valdez piece, i felt someone had been searching my harddrive.
then i saw the piece (which is great) and realized that they’re quite
different, even though they tread in the same arena… i don’t know why so many
of us have been attracted to redoing the same clip (remember jimpunk did
another remix), but here is my mine.”

from Antonio Mendoza – Mr. Tamale.

Aaron Valdez – Anarchy Delayed

11th January 2008 by michael
arts | audio | conceptual | experimental | historical | music video | performance | portraiture | remix/mashup | video

Anarchy (Slight Delay)
Anarchy (Slight Delay) (2006, 17.8MB, 3:23 min.)

In which Aaron Valdez takes the Sex Pistols vid from
these very pages and..er..does stuff to it.
Explains Aaron:
‘This is the second entry in a study (or me messing around) with audio
and video delay. I did a Bob Dylan one way back. Nothing new but
interesting nonetheless. I made three tracks of video each offset by
6 frames then I cut out three frames alternating between those three
tracks. It

Sex Pistols – Anarchy in the UK

10th January 2008 by doron
arts | documentary | historical | music video | performance | tv

sex pistols
Anarchy in the UK (1976, 18MB, 3:32 min)

The Sex Pistols performing Anarchy in the UK in 1976
on the Granada TV show ‘So It Goes’.
From Bedazzled

PS In case you missed it first time round check this out too 🙂

Body of War

9th January 2008 by brittany
activism | documentary | education | film | historical | movie | narrative | politics | trailer

Body of War (2007, 16.8MB, 2:30)

Trailer for the forthcoming documentary about
paralyzed Iraqi veteran Tomas Young’s fight to tell
the truth about the war.
Sad and informative, not to be missed.
Produced by Ellen Spiro and Phil Donahue,
original music by Eddie Vedder.

Mohammed Rafi – Jaan Pehechan Ho

8th January 2008 by doron
arts | cinema | conceptual | dance | film | historical | movie making | music video | performance

jan pehechaan
Jaan Pehechan Ho (1966, 55.4MB, 5:33 min)

Clip from the 1966 film Gumnaam sung by
Bollywood legend Mohammed Rafi, which you might
recognise from the opening sequence of Ghost World.
There’s the full lyrics & several translations here.
From WFMU’s Beware of the Blog

A Record on Celluloid on 7 Reels

7th January 2008 by michael
community | documentary | film | observational | performance | portraiture | sports | Super8

Mes Amis
Mes Amis (2007, 37.8MB, 7:35 min)

Giles Perkins, from the excellent onsuper8.org
(whose own great work we’ve shown, last week & previously)
pointed this one out to us.
Gorgeous he said, and he was right.
Comes from here & there’s a discussion here.

Going Places Sitting Down – Hiraki Sawa

4th January 2008 by doron
animation | arts | documentary arts | exhibition | installation | observational | video

Going Places Sitting Down (2006, 14.8MB, 2:34 min)

Images from Hiraki Sawa solo exhibition in 2006
at the New York James Cohan Gallery.
‘Going Places Sitting Down’ is a triptych video projection.
(video by Doron Golan)