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MOON CRASH by Claudia Tomaz and Kevin Walsh

16th May 2008 by doron
animation | arts | documentary arts | experimental | film | happening | performance | remix/mashup | technology | vj

MOON CRASH (2008, 58 MB, 4:42 min.)

MOON CRASH is a 360 degree immersive experience using DJ sets
and mutant slides, painted live with video projections.
All visuals are painted on acetate using slide mounts, vitrail glass paint
and drops of water. The paints are solvent based and don

During The Beginning – Curt Cloninger

15th May 2008 by doron
arts | conceptual | installation | performance | video

gumball (2008, 35 MB, 7:16 min.)

During The Beginning is a series of installation stations based on
Genesis 1:3, “And God said let there be light and there was light.”
Collectively, these stations perform the impossibility of reducing the
creation event to words. by Curt Cloninger.

Two from Sergei Sviatchenko

14th May 2008 by brittany
arts | silent | video

Sergei Sviatchenko – Street & White (2006, 4.7MB, 2:42)

Sergei Sviatchenko – 20 hours tv (2004, 1.6MB, 1:46)

Simple, beautiful pieces from Sergei Sviatchenko,
the first with a great soundtrack by the band Kashmir
and the second totally silent.
Neither is wildly entertaining, but I found both to be
so calming in their simplicity.
Originally from the Ukraine, Sviatchenko now lives
in Denmark.

The Breeders

13th May 2008 by michael
arts | music video | performance

Huffer (2002, 69.2MB, 2:15 min)

Video for the 2002 single from The Breeders
The new album is great too; feels like it was made by
smart wayward, passionate, human beings
rather than a focus group.

A Series of Practical Performances in the Wilderness (2)

12th May 2008 by michael
arts | community | conceptual | documentary arts | experimental | narrative | nature | observational | performance | portraiture | satire | serial | video

digging for chicory (2005, 3.6MB, 1:15 min.)

doable (2005, 8.1MB, 3:31 min.)

home economics (2005, 6.8MB, 2:06 min.)

Chapter 4,5,6 from

‘Embedded’ – Alan Sondheim in Santa Monica

9th May 2008 by michael
animation | arts | community | conceptual | dance | exhibition | humor | performance | satire | strange | video

restart (2006, 9KB, 4 min. loop)

shift (2006, 5.1MB, 57 sec.)

jig (2006, 2.8MB, 32 sec.)

We’re Alan Sondheim fans here at dvblog.
When so much work on the web is banal & lacking in ambition
he is an antidote, a tonic, a reason to hope.
His restless energy & intelligence transmute everything
he engages with into art (remember Picasso & those handlebars?)
Those living in the Santa Monica area might have seen his installation
‘embedded’ (also including work by filmmaker Leslie Thornton)
at the Track 16 gallery in 2006.

Donna Kuhn – Limbo

8th May 2008 by michael
animation | arts | conceptual | dance | experimental | music video | performance | video

Limbo (2008, 26.3MB, 3:08 min)

We’ve shown Donna Kuhn’s work couple of times before.
Look at the trajectory.
It’s always been impressive but there’s a new note here:
a confidence & ambition that is really striking.
It’s a cliche but cliches are nonetheless sometimes true
-here’s someone who has found a very personal
voice & learned how sing with it in a sophisticated
& affecting way.
More here.

Broken Bones – House of Freaks

7th May 2008 by admin
community | music video | observational | tribute | video | vlog

House of Freaks
Broken Bones (2006, 18.8MB, 3:11 min.)

After the murder of Bryan Harvey, half of the band House of Freaks,
I had wanted to make a music video for one of their songs as a small tribute,
but I was just too heartbroken to approach it.
I found the occasion on my last train ride home to Virginia.
I filmed this on the way down and edited it on my way back to New York.
While this talented duo had two legitimate pop hits in the 1980s
and an international fan base, their influence is far greater than
their current notoriety would suggest. I think so.

By Mica.

Thomas Mottl – Feeling like a Genie – QTVR work

6th May 2008 by doron
arts | community | humor | observational | photography | vlog | VR

Feeling like a Genie (2005, 1.2MB, qtvr)

Life from the perspective of a 2-litre Volvic water bottle.
Thomas Mottl interactive photographs.
(Use mouse to click and drag. use shift & controll to zoom in and out)

Shotgun Stories

5th May 2008 by brittany
arts | cinema | film | movie | trailer

Jeff Nichols – Shotgun Stories (2008, 10.3MB, 1:50)

Shotgun Stories tells the tale of two families with the
same father. One, in which the children are named
Kid, Boy, and Son, came before dad sobered up and
found Jesus. The second, his marriage to a beautiful
woman who had four more boys, was his do-over.
After his death, an explosive feud breaks out between
the grown half-siblings.
It opened to rave reviews, and from the chilling
trailer alone, I can see why.