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Squeeze Vlog

12th February 2009 by admin
arts | community | experimental | participatory | portraiture | remix/mashup | serial | video | vlog

Squeeze 1, from Mica (2005, 820KB, 36 sec.)

Squeeze 2 (2005, 1MB, 36 sec.), from Charlene Rule.

Squeeze 3 (2005, 680KB, 36 sec.), from Leslye James.

These videos are from the Squeeze project,
the original videoblog remix game.
Squeeze began in December, 2004 and developed
organically through several individual vlogs.

By Mica.

‘Easy Listening’ – Marisa Olson

11th February 2009 by doron
arts | conceptual | documentary arts | music | participatory | performance | portraiture | satire | video

Easy Listening (2005, 4.2MB, 1:56 min.)

At once a performance and performance-documentation, this video
grew out of the admission that much of Marisa Olson

The Pool Cleaner

10th February 2009 by brittany
arts | humor | satire | video

Hammer and Tongs (2005, 16.7MB, 5:43)

More well known now for their music videos and big
screen productions, an older short from Hammer and Tongs.
Pool cleaner played by Hammer, aka Garth Jennings.

Millie Niss – Commercial Spots

9th February 2009 by michael
arts | community | documentary | ephemera | light | narrative | observational | video | vlog

Commercial Spots (2006, 8.4MB)

Archive sutff from the Sporkworld stable, this time from Millie Niss & it has
all the hallmarks that make Sporkworld work such an unalloyed pleasure.
Manifestly bullshit free, apparently straightforward but with onion like layers,
this one wonderfully highlights Niss

“Assembled Cinema” – G.H. Hovagimyan

6th February 2009 by doron
arts | cinema | community | conceptual | experimental | narrative | new media art | participatory | politics

Assembled Cinema (2006, 28.9MB, 5:19 min.)

“You walk into a room and a film/video is projected on a wall.
The scenes played are not in any particular order yet they make sense.
What occurs is that a computer is picking sequences in a random order
and playing them. Your mind and your imagination fill in the story.”

From – G.H. Hovagimyan.

Ingredient X – Tales of Mere Existence

5th February 2009 by admin
animation | arts | documentary arts | humor | narrative | serial | video

The Times I Have Smoked Pot (2005, 1.3 MB, 1:50 min.)

Horny (2005, 1.9MB, 1:21 min.)

A guy named Lev makes these great videos from his comics.
From Ingredient X Productions.

By Mica.

Robert Todd – NEST

4th February 2009 by brittany
abstract | arts | conceptual | documentary arts | film | portraiture | silent

Robert Todd – NEST (2008, 33.2MB, 4:36)

More from the brilliant, always poignant Robert Todd.

The NEST is a place of resting, but for the restless spirit,
it is a moving island. Here we find silence, if not solace.

This film is both the third in a series and the first of a
trilogy. To understand how it fits within Todd’s vision,
you should go watch more on his site. It will take your
breath away.

Gabriel Shalom – Beardbox

3rd February 2009 by michael
animation | arts | conceptual | experimental | humor | music video | performance | portraiture | strange | technology | video

Beardbox (2009, 24.8MB, 2:44 min)

We’ve featured work by Gabriel Shalom here before.
Deft, witty and involving it was then & so it is here too.
Shalom is also public spirited and has just started up this
interesting looking blog
for ‘Both theoretical & practical dialogue
about the future of the cinema’.

This combination of some serious thinking with high level technical chops
promises more of interest in the future -we’ll be watching.
For the moment, more here.

DVblog will eat itself

3rd February 2009 by michael
arts | cinema | conceptual | dance | experimental | film | humor | music | new media art | remix/mashup | video | vlog

mouth study (2005, 7.8MB, 3:40 min)

Using footage from the ‘cutting edge cinema‘ thing
we posted here before Lewis LaCook,
created an utterly exuberant & assured piece of appropriation
video with 186,000 ideas per second.

Dennis Knopf – Bootyclipse

2nd February 2009 by brittany
documentary odd | ephemera | remix/mashup | satire | video | YouTube

Dennis Knopf – Bootyclipse (2007, 18.8MB, 5:38)

Found footage mashups aren’t really anything new, but
Dennis Knopf made this one from YouTube booty dancing
clips, and it makes me laugh every time I watch it.