PES – Sneaux Shoes – Human Skateboard

Sneaux (2007, 7MB, 31 sec.)

Sneaux Shoes launched a consumer-generated video campaign
with a stop-motion video of a human skateboard. The TV ad
features a skateboarder using a kid as a skateboard and performing
classic tricks like ollies, grinds and 360s.
PES who directed the video made it entirely in-camera (Canon D20)
and on location through the use of a stop-motion animation technique
known as pixilation. Says PES: “This spot is a great example of the
breadth of stop-motion. If something exists in the real world, it can be animated.”

Editing and sound design was done by Sam Welch at Homestead, New York.

Get Out and Pay

Get Out and Play
Get Out and Play (2008, 36.9MB, 1:25 min)

Somebody called Donna sends us a mail ‘writing from a Nokia sponsored blog’.
Donna, kind soul that she is, thought
‘With your stop motion background we thought you might have a
different take on the video than the gamers and
tech bloggers who might normally watch the video’

Aw..bless her!
Nothing to do, then, with trying to use as us a part of an attempted
“virality” strategy ( don’t get us wrong, we’re impressed dvblog even
appears on these folks’ radar) the’s good.
There’s stuff to be learned here, no doubt –
not least that the corporate vultures can clearly buy in time and talent;
but how much better a world it would be if the silly amounts of cash it
clearly cost to make this just went straight to fund new work by artists…

Terminally Ambivalent Over You – Alex Budovsky

Terminally Ambivalent Over You (2002, 26.1MB, 3:19 min.)

Based on Stephen Coate‘s song from the album ‘When Psyche meets Cupid’,
this animation tells the story of a prisoner who works in a prison’s
gramophone factory and while assembling gramophones thinks of his girlfriend.
Neat stuff from Alex Budovsky, aka Aleksey Budovskiy.