Two tiny Sporkworld loops

A Small Spork Lumiere (2009, 3MB, 9 sec silent loop)

Fireworks (2009, 2MB, 43 sec silent loop)

Two from the ever reliable, delightful, and in its quiet & unassuming
(but frequently deadly – it’s the Columbo of art blogs) way, mould-breaking
Sporkworld Microblog, which if you don’t follow religiously, you should.
Ironically, given the setting, A Small Spork Lumiere could constitute a kind
of ostensive definition of dryness.

Three Lumieres from LOMEG_ROM

Lomeglumiere #030 “uncut scenes” (2008, 5.4MB, 1:05)

Lomeglumiere #019 “video painting II” (2008, 5.4MB, 1:05)

Lomeglumiere #003 “goodle” (2008, 3.4MB, 0:44)

Three lovely thought-provoking lumieres from LOMEG_ROM.
The point of the Lumiere project was to get people to think
differently about their practice. LOMEG_ROM’s lumieres
vary widely, sometimes a still shot where seemingly
“nothing” happens, other times a still camera and a
piece of furniture moved back and forth in front of the
lens. Whatever they’re up to, I always enjoy surprises
from this Norwegian duo.
I chose these three as departures from other lumieres,
in content or style. Brava.

Rupert Howe – Sun

Sun (2008, 5.4MB, 30 secs)

Utterly ravishing Lumière from the never predictable,
always interesting, Rupert Howe.

On that summery note, we’re going to take a rest in the sunshine.
We love doing DVblog, but the daily deadline definitely takes
its toll after a bit.
We’ll be getting ready to hit the ground running again around 16th Sept.
& we’ll still keeping our eyes peeled for the new, for the weird &
(best of all!) for the wonderful.

Have a great summer!

Brittany, Doron, Michael.

Movies both Made By & Starring Brittany Shoot

Art Model
Art Model [AHP] (2008, 4MB, 56 secs, silent)

Burger King
Burger King [BS] (2008, 22.4MB, 1:02 min, silent)

Meeting from Above
Meeting from Above [BS] (2008, 28.7MB, 59 secs, silent)

Pole [AHP] (2008, 4.39MB, 55 secs, silent)

Sour Candy
Sour Candy [AHP] (2008, 3.58MB, 46 secs, silent)

Five Lumières, two by DVblog’s own Brittany Shoot and three by
Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen with Brittany in the starring role.
They’re all great, but in particular I love the Meeting from Above piece
which is extraordinarily rich in color & incident in the kind of micro
observational way that the Lumières encapsulate.
In fact if Brakhage hadn’t got to it first, in a somewhat
grimmer context, The Act of Seeing with One’s Own Eyes would make a
tremendous motto for the Lumière project…

Sporkworld Lumières

Lawnmowing (2008, 3.9MB, 35 secs)

Mowing in February

Our Special Mowing in February Lawnmowers
are not the of the ordinary electric rotor,
gas-powered self-propelling,
or even hand pushed whirligig
human powered variety.
Our Mowing in February models
come with specially-equipped
permanently mounted plows
suitable for use by the most dedicated
lawnmowing enthusiasts
from September through May
in those clim’es so specially endowed
to understand the meaning
of a ‘Three Season Plow’

Martha Deed

Scraping (2008, 1.9MB, 58 secs)

Millie Niss & Martha Deed’s Sporkworld project is sui generis – entirely unbeholden to
fashion or cool & standing in a long & broad American tradition of such stubborn
(& sometimes even eccentric) beauty.
Their latest wheeze & a vastly effective one it is too, is the Sporkworld Microblog
which integrates many formerly slightly disparate areas of their activity – poetry, still
& moving imagery, filthy humour, a sense of life’s transience & tragedy & utter strangeness,
into one coherent, constantly unrolling whole.
Formally too, they are smarter than smart, as anyone with eyes will surely see –
they’ve taken the splendid Lumière form & integrated it beautifully.
It fits them like a glove.
Lawnmower in particular seems to have been crafted by a 21st century
suburban Breughel.

3 Beautiful Lumières

Squirrel (2007, 6.8MB, 47 secs)

[ by Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen ]

Bubble machine (2007, 8.93MB, 57 secs)

[ by Brittany Shoot ]

the hubertus hunt 2007 (2007, 4.92MB, 41 secs)

[ by Sam Renseiw ]

Andreas & Brittany’s Lumièree project has been brilliant in so many respects.
Firstly, it has engaged a load of people in making stuff.
Secondly, it has been a huge kick in the arse in terms of reflecting on what one
is doing when one is making video. It has sharpened all our eyes.
(And, curiously, speaking personally, my ears too. I think a lot harder about what
I want sound to do having now forsworn it on 25 or so occasions)
Lastly, there’s been some really great work come out of it.
Here’s one each from Andreas and Brittany and one from the frontrunner
in the productivity stakes (but not simply that – what an eye!) Sam Renseiw.