More from Rob Parrish/Hopper Video

Vampire Sun
Vampire Sun (2004, 13.7MB, 2:41 min.)

Vertigo Essay

Stuff from 2005 from Rob Parrish at Hopper Video.
Couldn’t be more packed to the gills, these movies,
with formal invention. Torn between admiration &
extreme irritation at the Edvard Grieg vocoder.
Not sure it all entirely comes off but it’s
to be commended, as is the fact that
serious thinking is clearly at work here.
Better than timidity, for sure.
(HV still going strong & well worth checking out.
We’ll revisit ourselves, I think, in the Autumn.)

More Virtual Hiking

Rush Creek
Rush Creek Wilderness Trail Movie (2006, 41.1MB, 5:43 min.)

This one, from 2006, is as splendid as the one we posted yesterday.
Like that, though, there’s a deep oddness here.
Sometimes the virtual hiker is discussed in a clinical, technical, manner,
then at others anthropomorphised shamelessly.
Then the narration: -is anyone really that deadpan?
Seems like the camping isn’t confined to tents on the trail.
But then it is also utterly beguiling & lovely – makes me, at least, yearn
to pack my boots & book a flight.

Dan Graham – Beyond

Dan Graham – Beyond (2009, 40 MB, 3:02 min)

Narrated by Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz and Curator Chrissie Iles, artist
Dan Graham discusses Heart Pavilion (1991), Public Space,
Two Audiences (1976), and Opposing Mirror and Video Monitors (1974).
All were on view in Dan Graham: Beyond at the Whitney Museum in 2009.

Produced by the Whitney Museum.