Back By Popular Demand – The Lesbian Rangers

7th December 2011 by doron
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The Lesbian Rangers (2005, 18 MB, 1:41 min.)

Welcome to Reorientation 2005 (2005, 34.8 MB, 2:17 min.)

Victory at The Rock (2005, 72.4 MB, 4:45 min.)

Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan are Winnipeg-based collaborators whose
internationally acclaimed work addresses feminist, lesbian, and social concerns
with tremendous wit. “The Lesbian Rangers” were founded in 1997, to help people
learn about fascinating and fragile lesbian ecosystem. Rangers Dempsey and Millan
led the first expedition to Banff National Park, and continue to offer lesbian leadership today.
(thanks jillian)

Abbie Hoffman and gefilte fish

10th November 2011 by brittany
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Abbie Making Gefilte Fish (1973, 156.4MB, 21:04)

Footage of Abbie Hoffman making gefilte fish with Laura Cavestani
(who made the video) in his kitchen, 1973.
Like Abbie, I think art is in the everyday, and it sure is a fun
(and rather informative) twenty minutes if you’ve got it to spare.

Art for Abbie was education, constant revolution, evolution, and living for free.
Art and freedom were one in the same, inextricable from each other.
We miss you man.

Gov. Scott Walker gets checked, Mic Checked!

7th November 2011 by michael
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scott walker mic checked
Gov. Scott Walker gets checked, Mic Checked! (2011, 81MB, 3:45 min)

If you don’t feel inspired & cheered up by this tremendous video please do the checking
your pulse thing…
Stand Up Chicago

Tired of the WC, Gulanny – KBSC505 vs WWFT

31st October 2011 by doron
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KBSC505 vs WWFT (clip) (2006, 27MB, 8:14 min.)

vs WeWorkForThem short was created as an extra for KNBSC505′s
Noise Driven Ambient Audio And Visuals DVD. Exploring the emotions, physical & mental
pain and illusions of bacteria this video follows 8 minutes from infection to cure.

Celia Cooley – Occupy DC Interviews 10/10/2011

14th October 2011 by michael
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Occupy DC Interviews 10/10/2011 (2011, 73MB, 58 sec)

Demonstrating what we all might have said rhetorically, but really demonstrating it -
that a smart seven year old (with a little tech help from her parents)
can do a better job than any of the official media, Celia Cooley interviews
Occupy DC participants in a piece that both delights and makes one fiercely
proud to be one of the 99%.
Great job.


17th June 2011 by doron
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Experiment (2006, 3.3MB, 1:20 min.)

2006: Michael Verdi takes a stand and stakes out
some videoblogging territory.

The Ice Cream Lift – Kristen Baumlier

13th June 2011 by doron
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Ice Cream Lift (2003, 6.3MB, 2:07 min)

“In 1996, I started working on a project idea to change the
aesthetics of exericise. I became a “fitness guru” and made my
own 55-minute workout video where all 12 workouts used food as
exercise equipment. The music in the video is from bands that I knew
in CA, or bands that I listened to while working in my studio.”

Kristen Baumlier from Buns of Butter.

Jimmy Wales – Wikipedia:Technologies of Cooperation

25th May 2011 by doron
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Wikipedia:Technologies of Cooperation (2005, 70 MB, 1:30 hr.)

Lecture at Stanford University on Wikipedia by founder Jimmy Wales.

Can I get an Amen? – Nate Harrison

12th May 2011 by mica
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Can I Get An Amen
Can I Get An Amen? (2004, 34.3MB, 18:08 min.)

from Nate Harrison.
This documentation of an installation by Nate Harrison,
includes an in depth lecture on the history of a single breakbeat.
It follows this small fragment of a song from its origin in a 60′s soul
recording through the invention of house and contemporary hip-hop.
It also speaks very eloquently on the important issues of copyright in
remix culture. This is fascinating to listen to.

Well Did You Evah!?

30th March 2011 by michael
community | education | ephemera | historical | music video

Well Did You Ever
Well Did You Evah? (1990, 14.2MB, 3:45 min)

Staying with Monday’s Iggy Pop theme, maybe you’re all
totally familiar with this but I never saw
it before & I think it is great .
Here he duets with Debbie Harry on the
Cole Porter song Well Did You Evah? as part of an
AIDS fundraiser from 1990 – more details here.