Maisie Crow – A Life Alone

17th May 2010 by doron
arts | audio | community | documentary | observational | participatory | photography | portraiture | video

A Life Alone (2009, 81 MB, 5:08 min)

“Tom Rose, 85, wipes a tear from his eye while reminiscing about
his wife who passed away. The two were married for 60 years,
and Tom continues to struggle over her loss.”

By Maisie Crow.

Studio Banana TV Interviews Chen Chieh Jen

13th May 2010 by doron
activism | arts | community | controversy | documentary arts | film | interview | observational | photography | politics

Interview with Chen Chieh Jen (2008, 40 MB, 6:05 min)

Studio Banana TV interviews Taiwanese videoartist Chen Chieh Jen.


William Eggleston – Democratic Camera, Photographs and Video, 1961-2008

4th May 2010 by doron
arts | community | documentary arts | exhibition | historical | interview | participatory | photography | portraiture | tribute | video

William Eggleston interviewed by Michael Almereyda (2009, 61 MB, 5:31 min)

This candid interview with photographer William Eggleston was conducted by film
director Michael Almereyda on the occasion of the opening of Eggleston

Takashi Ito – Spacy

22nd March 2010 by michael
animation | architecture | arts | conceptual | experimental | photography | place

Private Charges
Spacy ( 1981, 14MB, 2:27)

The other day,on a whim, I bought Takashi Ito’s collected works on DVD
from the BFI shop. I’d never heard of him before.
I’m so glad I did. It is utterly compelling and remarkable work.
Spacy is an early piece and the clip here is neither complete
not particularly good quality but it does give you a taste of Ito’s early
- almost formalist – style.
There’s such delight in seeing how this broadens into the flexible,
confidently handled and singular idiom of the later pieces, where a quite
musical rigor in the formal structuring is never absent but which
also underpins a beautifully ambiguous and rich expressivity.
The whole set was one of those all too rare tingle-down-the-spine
revelations which I gulped down in a couple of sittings.
This is outstanding & important work – I urge people to become acquainted with it.

Liz Sterry – Borders

21st January 2010 by michael
arts | conceptual | experimental | landscape | nature | observational | painting | performance | photography | place | poetry | silent | video

Borders (2010, 201 MB, 3:59 min, silent)

Worth every second of the download for this extraordinary
piece from young UK artist Liz Sterry, a digital arts student at the design school
in Writtle, Essex, UK*.
It’s an astonishingly assured bit of conceptual gorgeousness.
I’m particularly taken with..what’s the word.. the ..um..rightness of judgement
with which it was shot and assembled – on the surface thrown together
but everything combining so easily & elegantly to create something of
logic, power and great beauty.

*Transparency – where I currently teach.

Frames Per Second – Exhibition in Salon Projektionist – Vienna

23rd September 2009 by doron
arts | community | documentary arts | exhibition | experimental | installation | new media art | photography | printmaking | vj

Frames Per Second (2008, 27 MB, 3:26 min)

Video and photo installation by VJs Bopa and Bruno Tait.
The exhibition is based on the idea of using video and slide projectors to
capture a random moment in time from animations on photographic paper,
foregoing the simple system ‘screen shot’ and projecting light onto ILFORD
photo print paper.

Two tiny Sporkworld loops

28th July 2009 by michael
arts | community | conceptual | documentary odd | experimental | humor | landscape | light | Lumière | narrative | observational | photography | silent | stop motion | video

A Small Spork Lumiere (2009, 3MB, 9 sec silent loop)

Fireworks (2009, 2MB, 43 sec silent loop)

Two from the ever reliable, delightful, and in its quiet & unassuming
(but frequently deadly – it’s the Columbo of art blogs) way, mould-breaking
Sporkworld Microblog, which if you don’t follow religiously, you should.
Ironically, given the setting, A Small Spork Lumiere could constitute a kind
of ostensive definition of dryness.

Kate Maki – We are Gone

2nd January 2009 by michael
arts | music video | observational | performance | photography | portraiture | video

We Are Gone (2008, 55.8MB, 2:50 min)

I was drawn to this because of its connection with the
sublime Howe Gelb ( he produced & plays on the album & it’s on
his OW-OM label), but it’s winning beyond that very good intial reason.
Ms Maki’s song & performance are quite lovely in their passionate restraint
& the video, directed by Scott Cudmore & shot by Lee Towndrow on,
I gather, though I’ve lost the link to the page that told me so, the ‘video’
setting of a stills cam, matches the song in passion, restraint & loveliness.
Cudmore and Towndrow pass, with flying colours, a very simple test
-anyone who can’t produce something affecting with the most minimal
of technical resources probably shouldn’t be making movies at all…


29th May 2008 by michael
arts | experimental | music video | observational | photography | video

Baum (2008, 29.5MB, 3:07 min)

Simple in conception and execution & quite lovely.
Photography: Julie Roehr
Music & Video: Nikola Jeremic
From http://www.njeremic.ecobytes.net/njeremic//index.html

(Don’t you wish, though, people wouldn’t leave those huge bars of black
space above & below like that -so many do- but crop to the area where
stuff is happening?)

Thomas Mottl – Feeling like a Genie – QTVR work

6th May 2008 by doron
arts | community | humor | observational | photography | vlog | VR

Feeling like a Genie (2005, 1.2MB, qtvr)

Life from the perspective of a 2-litre Volvic water bottle.
Thomas Mottl interactive photographs.
(Use mouse to click and drag. use shift & controll to zoom in and out)