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Cut Piece – Yoko Ono

17th July 2009 by doron
arts | conceptual | controversy | documentary arts | historical | participatory | performance | silent

Cut Piece - Yoko Ono
Cut Piece (1965, 36.5MB, 9 min)

‘Ono had first done the performance in 1964, in Japan,
and again at Carnegie Hall, in New York, in 1965.
Ono sat motionless on the stage after inviting the audience
to come up and cut away her clothing, covering her breasts
at the moment of unbosoming.’
from Bedazzled .

More Strangeness from Joan Healy

16th July 2009 by michael
arts | conceptual | documentary arts | documentary odd | education | event | exhibition | experimental | happening | humor | installation | new media art | participatory | performance | satire | science | video

Creak (2008, 45MB 10:54 min)

Beautiful Katamari Royal Rainbow (2008, 17MB 5:08 min)

Mad as a box of badgers but also very smart & winning, Joan Healy is a one-off.
We’ve featured her before, here’re some new vids of her work.
Even more here

Should a Cloud Replace a Compass? by Joey Foreman

15th July 2009 by Annie
abstract | animation | arts | music video | painting

Cloud Replace
Should a Cloud Replace a Compass? (2001, 5.5MB 2:45 min)

Joey Foreman translates the soothing, pulsating song Should a Cloud Replace a Compass? by Circulatory System wonderfully into this waving animation featuring the paintings of William Cullen Hart (Circulatory System’s lead singer).
The seductive color palette and organic shapes of the paintings lend themselves well to the synaesthetic experience that is this video.

The rhythms of the song and the speed at which we pan over the paintings recall blood flowing.
Watching with headphones has the potential to warm the extremities.

I Can’t Deal With This Stupid Ringing Forever – Donna Kuhn

14th July 2009 by michael
arts | audio | conceptual | dance | drawing | experimental | humor | music | narrative | new media art | observational | performance | poetry | strange | video | vlog

I Can’t Deal With This Stupid Ringing Forever (2009, 56MB 2:29 min)

Donna Kuhn has joined the little pantheon (Sondheim’s another, as is Sam Renseiw)
of people whose work I’m just going
to post regularly because they are great.
No apology, no argument.
If you can’t see it, the problem is yours.
Great. Great. Great.

Lin Delpierre – Austere Beauty

13th July 2009 by michael
arts | audio | experimental | nature | portraiture | video

Autoportrait d’Oro (2009, 63MB, 11:04 min)

There’s so much to commend in this quiet & beautiful piece I’m
unsure, really, where to start.
Three things though, stand out.
One is the modesty, the restraint, of the conception
-there’s no horrible look-at-how clever/shocking/whatever I am
about it, just some serious *looking*.
The camera looks and we look with it, with its (and with the artist’s,
although he’s there in the frame too) help.
Second, this austerity of visual means allows the sound to play a really
significant role in the piece. Again the work doesn’t trumpet its own innovative
qualities but quietly (pun intended) it does something quite radical with sound and
with our attention to same.
Lastly, it’s just very, very well made – that sort of still amibience is just so difficult to capture
effectively because digital video can be very unforgiving in that context – interlacing
& pretty much any sort of compression can generate horribly visible artefects.
Here, even in this pretty compressed version, there are none -it just looks like a
transparent window to a small epiphany…
Hats off then, three times.

Lin Delpierre’s site.

David Byrne Bike Cam Through Times Square, NYC.

10th July 2009 by doron
arts | happening | humor | observational | participatory | video | vlog | webcam

David Byrne Bike Cam NYC (2007, 17MB, 4:55 min.)

David Byrne biked to Town Hall for his

Signs – Seth Nicholas Stephens

9th July 2009 by Annie
arts | poetry | video

Signs (2009, 43MB, 8:02 min.)

Signs by Seth Nicolas Stephens jumps around
the country, landing in titillating scenes of freezing
cold park jugglers, cyclists pursued by helicopters,
and warm dumplings.
The video elegantly explores the delivery of a poem,
weaving together the intimacy of its words with the
monumental scale of strip mall signage.
These tales of a vagabond are recalled with a mix
of nostalgia and loss as if the author is either drafting
his memoir or a writing to a past love.

Neighborhood Nuclear Superiority

8th July 2009 by doron
advertising | archive | community | humor | strange | tv

Neighborhood Nuclear Superiority (50′s, 15MB, 1:35 min.)

Stumble upon this funny 50

Everyone I can think of who has died

7th July 2009 by doron
arts | community | conceptual | documentary | nature | participatory | video

Everyone I can think of who has died (2009, 49MB, 6:24 min.)

Edward Picot is writing the names of all the
people he can think of who have died onto leaves,
then floating them down a stream near his house.

The Path – a horror game by Tale of Tales

6th July 2009 by doron
animation | arts | community | conceptual | design | gaming | new media art | trailer

The Path (2009, 40MB, 2:34 min.)

“Probably the best independent game ever made” – Christopher Lim, “The Business Times”

“The Path is not a game, it is art” – Erwin Bergervoet, “Gamer.nl”

Trailer for “The Path“, by Tale of Tales.