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Maisie Crow – A Life Alone

17th May 2010 by doron
arts | audio | community | documentary | observational | participatory | photography | portraiture | video

A Life Alone (2009, 81 MB, 5:08 min)

“Tom Rose, 85, wipes a tear from his eye while reminiscing about
his wife who passed away. The two were married for 60 years,
and Tom continues to struggle over her loss.”

By Maisie Crow.

Abe Linkoln/Triptych TV

14th May 2010 by michael
arts | collaboration | experimental | remix/mashup | serial | video | vlog

triplightz (2010, 2 MB, 5 sec silent palindrome loop)

3skullstr (2010, 18 MB, 7 sec silent palindrome loop )

skull3pth (2010, 2 MB, 7 sec silent palindrome loop)

Three new pieces from Abe Linkoln on the ever reliable,
ever astonishing Triptych TV

Studio Banana TV Interviews Chen Chieh Jen

13th May 2010 by doron
activism | arts | community | controversy | documentary arts | film | interview | observational | photography | politics

Interview with Chen Chieh Jen (2008, 40 MB, 6:05 min)

Studio Banana TV interviews Taiwanese videoartist Chen Chieh Jen.


2 from Lumière et Son

12th May 2010 by michael
arts | collaboration | conceptual | experimental | Lumière | remix/mashup | travelogue | video | vlog

time travel
Time Travel (2010, 10 MB, 1:10 min)

A Right of Passage
A Right of Passage (2010, 14 MB, 1:04 min)

We’ve not hidden our enthusiasm here for the work,
always interesting ,often stunning, of Sam Renseiw.
Sam’s been a particularly deft & prolific exponent of the
Lumière form re-invented/discovered/conceptualised
by Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen and Brittany Shoot (of this manor).

Here the whole thing goes a stage further with a great
collaboration between Renseiw and British filmmaker/sound artist
Philip Sanderson, archived on a site called Lumière et Son
which title, for me at least, occasions both a groan and a kind of grudging admiration.

The work is great – Renseiw’s originals, with new found-sound additions
from Sanderson; playful, witty and perhaps even a a little profound,
in a Zen kind of way.

I hadn’t really clocked it properly until I saw a couple of these pieces
at a screening in London the other day.

Here’s one from that programme (the original of which
we posted here a while ago) plus another that especially
tickled me.
Splendid stuff & here’s to many more!

Max Moswitzer – compa

11th May 2010 by doron
arts | documentary | experimental | humor | observational | portraiture | serial | strange | video

companjeros (2001, 17 MB, 1:16 min)

los homeboys (2001, 37 MB, 6:34 min)

Ali el fofo & Don Conejo. unplugged 2001 ticotaco
By Max Moswitzer.

More Robert Todd

10th May 2010 by michael
arts | experimental | film | landscape | observational | poetry

Thunder (2004, 178 MB, 11:00 min)

Quite, quite beautiful!

Original editorial

Jon Jost is not making movies

7th May 2010 by mica
arts | community | documentary | education | film | interview | movie making | portraiture | video

Jon Jost is not making movies (2006, 36.4 MB, 6 min.)

In 2006, Woods Hole Film Festival featured a tribute
to filmmaker Jon Jost.
I got a chance to talk with him for a few minutes
about his career in film and his commitment to
pushing the medium of digital video. In this video
he gives some great advice to new DV filmmakers,
and explains once and for all 24fps setting on your camera.

Derek Larson – Blank State

6th May 2010 by doron
arts | conceptual | humor | new media art | observational | remix/mashup | serial | tv | video

Tootie (2010, 7 MB, 51 sec.)

Danny Tanner (2010, 11 MB, 1:14 min.)

Boss (2010, 12 MB, 1:18 min.)

Derek Larson is concerned with “working with his hands” in the sculptural space
inside video and in blurring the lines between social and media spaces.
He describes his intention to close his videos in a “culturally dependent,
feedback-loop” and, as a sculptor, is attracted to video’s infinite reproducibility.
His works appropriate the methodologies and deadpan humor of tactical media while
drawing a focus on its formal qualities and relationships in lieu of fixed and pointed content.”

Oliver Laric

5th May 2010 by michael
animation | arts | drawing | ephemera | humor | music | new media art | video

Geisterschloss (2006, 4MB, 1:49 min.)

787 cliparts
787 Cliparts (2006, 10.6MB, 1:05 min. loop)

Earlyish stuff from the now seemingly ubiquitous Oliver Laric.

William Eggleston – Democratic Camera, Photographs and Video, 1961-2008

4th May 2010 by doron
arts | community | documentary arts | exhibition | historical | interview | participatory | photography | portraiture | tribute | video

William Eggleston interviewed by Michael Almereyda (2009, 61 MB, 5:31 min)

This candid interview with photographer William Eggleston was conducted by film
director Michael Almereyda on the occasion of the opening of Eggleston