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SNABBEAS – GOTO80 and Ilan Katin

22nd December 2009 by doron
animation | arts | music video | participatory | remix/mashup | stop motion | vj

SNABBEAS (2009, 107 MB, 4:36 min.)

Music video for the GOTO80 track ‘Snabbeas’ by Ilan Katin
of Team Modul8.

Jonathan Beards & Alex Gordon-Shotton
– Dance Pieces

17th December 2009 by michael
arts | dance | education | experimental | observational | performance | stop motion | video

Shadow Dance
Shadow Dance (Alex Gordon-Shotton, 2009, 15 MB, 7 sec silent loop)

Liquid Dance
Liquid Dance (Jonathan Beards, 2009, 192 MB, 5:55 min)

Two more great dance related pieces, sophisticated &
beautiful both, from Tees/Art/Blog last year.

Two tiny Sporkworld loops

28th July 2009 by michael
arts | community | conceptual | documentary odd | experimental | humor | landscape | light | Lumière | narrative | observational | photography | silent | stop motion | video

A Small Spork Lumiere (2009, 3MB, 9 sec silent loop)

Fireworks (2009, 2MB, 43 sec silent loop)

Two from the ever reliable, delightful, and in its quiet & unassuming
(but frequently deadly – it’s the Columbo of art blogs) way, mould-breaking
Sporkworld Microblog, which if you don’t follow religiously, you should.
Ironically, given the setting, A Small Spork Lumiere could constitute a kind
of ostensive definition of dryness.

Sorry I’m Late

29th May 2009 by brittany
arts | ephemera | humor | stop motion | video

Tomas Mankovsky – Sorry I’m Late (2009, 24.9MB, 3:11)

Lovely short film Sorry I’m Late.
Fun and engaging and very well done.
My only criticism: I know it’s important to
include proper credits, but must they be as
long as the piece itself?

White Piano – Timothy McConville

17th May 2009 by brittany
abstract | arts | music video | stop motion

Timothy McConville – White Piano (2009, 26.7MB, 2:21)

Video by Timothy McConville for his own band
Duchess’ song “White Piano”

Style Crusader

1st March 2009 by brittany
arts | music video | stop motion

Big Face – Style Crusader (2007, 30.7MB, 4:05)

Video for the band Big Face by Tim Brown

Mr. Nom Nom

24th December 2008 by brittany
arts | audio | ephemera | humor | serial | stop motion | video

Katrine Emme Thielkes – Sweet Christmas #19 (2008, 1.8MB, 0:31)

The nineteenth in the Sweet Christmas series by Katrine Emme Thielkes.
Audio by Mikkel Westerkam.

PES – Sneaux Shoes – Human Skateboard

22nd July 2008 by doron
advertising | animation | commerce | humor | remix/mashup | sports | stop motion | tv | viral

Sneaux (2007, 7MB, 31 sec.)

Sneaux Shoes launched a consumer-generated video campaign
with a stop-motion video of a human skateboard. The TV ad
features a skateboarder using a kid as a skateboard and performing
classic tricks like ollies, grinds and 360s.
PES who directed the video made it entirely in-camera (Canon D20)
and on location through the use of a stop-motion animation technique
known as pixilation. Says PES: “This spot is a great example of the
breadth of stop-motion. If something exists in the real world, it can be animated.”

Editing and sound design was done by Sam Welch at Homestead, New York.

White Winter Hymnal

17th July 2008 by brittany
animation | arts | conceptual | music video | stop motion | video

White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes (2008, 5.7MB, 2:28)

Beautifully poignant music video from Fleet Foxes,
directed by super talented Sean Pecknold.

Home of the Twisted Films of PES

24th June 2008 by doron
animation | arts | community | experimental | humor | narrative | satire | serial | stop motion | video | vlog

Kaboom (2005, 9 MB, 1:14 min.)

Fireworks (2004, 6.1 MB, 28 sec.)

PES is a New York based animator and movie maker. His work has been
commissioned by Bacardi and Diesel. His shorts, stop-motion animations
are known for their skill and brilliance.