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Gareth Long – Platoon / Manual for Draft-Age Immigrants to Canada

16th November 2012 by brittany
arts | movie | remix/mashup

Gareth Long – Platoon / Manual for Draft-Age Immigrants to Canada (2007, 60.6MB, 14:20)

Lovely 2007 piece from Gareth Long,
– an intervention into the English subtitles of Oliver Stone

Samuel Beckett – Quadrat I + II

15th November 2012 by doron
abstract | arts | conceptual | dance | documentary arts | historical | literature | performance | theatre | tv | video

Quadrat I + II (1981, 4.3MB, 1:04 sec.)

Quad (Play), by Samuel Beckett.

Bonnie Prince Billy Again

14th November 2012 by michael
animation | arts | music video | narrative | performance | video

Agnes (2004, 7.3MB, 3:12 min)

Horses (2004, 16.7MB, 4:37 min)

Agnes video by David Shrigley
& Horses by Braden King,
both of them classy bits of work.
There’s a PhD to be had for someone along the lines of
‘The Curatorial Role of the Recording Artist’.
BPB/Will Oldham’s CD cover art never disappoints –
the acme of hip good taste ( though not in a bland way, I think)
– & the same is true of his videos.
I particularly love the projection-within-the vid trope of Horses.
Also -what songs!

Cremaster 1 Trailer

13th November 2012 by doron
arts | cinema | community | conceptual | film | narrative | observational | trailer

Cremaster 1, Trailer (1995, 34MB, 3:23 min.)

Trailer for Cremaster1 of Matthew Barney‘s Cremaster cycle
a self-enclosed aesthetic system consisting of five films that
explore processes of creation.

Erica Schreiner – Ohio

12th November 2012 by brian
arts | flowers | nature | portraiture | video | vlog

Ohio (2008, 34MB, 3:23 min.)

Short analog video by Portland based artist Erica Schreiner.
Music by by Prussia.

Albert Nanning – Exit

9th November 2012 by michael
animation | arts | ephemera | experimental | music video | observational | photography | portraiture | remix/mashup | video

Exit (2008, 48.6MB, 4:50 min)

Says Albert Nanning:

‘I’m a writer (poems mostly) and photographer, living and working
in Amsterdam. My age is 41. See also. The last five years I’ve made
so many pictures due to the digital workflow that by accident
I discovered a way to give all those pictures that I don’t use
a kind of meaning by putting them in a clip that I made.
Most pictures are from Amsterdam. I made
the clip with iMovie.’

& nicely it works too…

Guthrie Lonergan – Floor warp 2

8th November 2012 by doron
arts | conceptual | new media art | silent | video

Floor warp 2 (2008, 3.7MB, 20 sec.)

By Guthrie Lonergan. More vids here.

Constant Dullaart – Garbage

7th November 2012 by brittany
conceptual | documentary arts | ephemera | humor | observational | video

Constant Dullaart – Garbage (2004, 2.3MB, 1:03)

More from Constant Dullaart.

Alan Sondheim – Kelvin Helmholtz Clouds

6th November 2012 by michael
arts | nature | observational | photography | science | strange | video

Kelvin Helmholtz Clouds (2008, 5.6MB, 24 secs)

It’s funny – even when Sondheim does picturesque there’s
something very defiantly personal about his take on it.
Here it’s the way that the sequence of images just occasionally
looks as if it hadn’t been thrown together at random but
most of the time it does.
And this does not matter -in fact it’s an asset -there’s a shamanic
urgency to everything Sondheim does which is wholly engaging.

Huzzah for Brittany Shoot!

5th November 2012 by michael
community | conceptual | experimental | humor | music video | performance | politics | remix/mashup | strange | video | YouTube

Woah (2009, 6.1MB, 41 sec loop)

Bush Shoe (2009, 2.8MB, 27 secs)

Protest (2009, 14.1MB, 26 secs)

It’s the James-Bond-Martini scenario – tinder dry & leaving you
both shaken and stirred.
Three reasons to say “Huzzah for Brittany Shoot!“.

PS nobody in the UK actually says Huzzah, whatever you might have been told.