Lumière – La sortie des ouvriers de l’usine Lumière à Lyon

13th October 2011 by doron
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La sortie des ouvriers de l’usine Lumière à Lyon (1895, 2MB, 46 sec.)

The year is 1895. The “Hangar” was the first set in the history of Cinematography and
can be seen here in “La Sortie de l’usine Lumière”, Lumière’s first film.
from the fantastic site – Institut Lumière.

Buffies – First Season

12th July 2011 by michael
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Buffies First Season
Buffies – First Season (2002, 5.4MB, 1 min.)

Winsome bit of conceptual candyfloss from Chuck Jones in 2002.
One of his isolation studies, this piece comprises
‘Every utterance of the word ‘Buffy’ made during
the first season of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’,
totaling nearly one minute.’

Cutting Edge Cinema

4th July 2011 by michael
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A Tough Dance (1902, 7.1MB, 47 sec.)

Bicycle Trick Riding (1899, 5.5MB, 37 sec.)

Three Acrobats (1899, 5.4MB, 36 sec.)

Three exhilarating chunks of early movie making from the
Library of Congress online collection of variety stage motion pictures.
I particularly love the deeply strange A ‘Tough’ Dance.
There’s also a great early animation collection on the LOC site.

The Cinema Effect: Realisms at Caixa Forum Madrid, Spain

9th June 2011 by doron
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The Cinema Effect (2011, 44 MB, 5:28 min)

An exhibition that reflects on the influence and impact of cinema in constructing
our visual culture, highlighting how cinematographic language has taken on various
artistic forms including video and installation art. The show features work by Julian Rosefeldt,
Isaac Julien, Runa Islam, Kerry Tribe, Paul Chan, Omer Fast, Mungo Thomson and Ian Charlesworth.

The show has been curated by Kerry Brougher, Anne Ellegood, Kelly Gordon, and Kristen Hileman.
from VernissageTV.

‘Un Chien Andalou’ – Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí

29th April 2011 by michael
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Un chien andalou (1929, 156MB, 15:40 min.)

This is just the source.
Can you imagine Cocteau, Deren, later Hitchcock & Cronenberg
without this?
Oh..more:- the whole of cinema would have a great gaping bloody gap
in it & what was left would be dull dull dull & Black Francis wouldn’t have been
able to write ‘Debaser’.
It simply prised open the language.
Afterwards, Bunuel went on to make some of the sharpest, most provocative
& disturbing films of the 20th century & Dali went on to
…well… be Dali.

Ladislas Starewitch – Le Lion Devenu Vieux

22nd March 2011 by admin
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Le Lion Devenu Vieux
Le Lion Devenu Vieux (1932, 3.5MB, 1:04 sec.)

Ladislas Starewitch is often credited with inventing stop motion animation
as we know it, though so are several other people. It depends on what fits
into your definition of stop motion.
Certainly he was probably the first to actually make little figures and move
them frame by frame in an attempt to duplicate lifelike movement of actual
living things. it was because he was filming beetles and found that the hot
lights made them lethargic, so he made his own little beetles asrealistically
as possible and animated them instead.
This gave birth to further projects with very lifelike but sometimes partially
anthropomorphic (human-like) animals.
from – Darkstrider.

By Mica. (thanks Adam)

PIRATE – Annika Larsson

17th March 2011 by doron
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PIRATE (2006, 45 MB, 8:25 min)

By Annika Larsson.
Music by Tobias Bernstrup & Annika Larsson.

RUBBER – Quentin Dupieux

4th March 2011 by doron
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RUBBER (2011, 35 MB, 2:21 min)

Trailer for RUBBER, the story of Robert, an inanimate tire that has been
abandoned in the desert, and suddenly and inexplicably comes to life.
RUBBER is a ‘smart, funny and wholly original tribute to the cinematic
concept of “no reason” ‘.
Director: Quentin Dupieux

“Next To Heaven” Returns for a Second Season

17th February 2011 by doron
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DuPont (2011, 25 MB, 2:42 min.)

Smokey (2011, 25 MB, 2:45 min.)

A couple of previews from Rob Parrish

Film by Samuel Beckett with Buster Keaton

11th February 2011 by doron
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Film (1965, 68 MB, 17:28 min)

Samuel Beckett‘s only venture into the medium of cinema, Film was written
in 1963 and filmed in New York in the summer of 1964, directed by
Alan Schneider and featuring Buster Keaton. For the shooting Mr.
Beckett made his only trip to America. The film, which has no dialogue,
takes its basis Berkeley’s notion esse est percepti that is, to be is to be perceived.