Domestic Safari – Anders Weberg & Robert Willim

Domestic Safari
Domestic Safari (2007, 63.4MB, 10:32 min)

We’ve shown work by Anders Weberg and Robert Willim here before.
It’s always both perfectly executed & intriguing.
This piece is no exception.
Here’s the creators’ commentary:

‘What if we started to see the material worlds of
domestic settings as wild places?
Is there a potential for the exotic and uncanny in the
inconspicuously mundane?

Domestic Safari is a journey through three different
homes in three different European countries.
The film and its soundtrack is based entirely on manipulated
recordings from the three places in Finland, Italy and Sweden.
This audiovisual excursion aims to call forth imaginaries
and a profane illumination that disorient and estrange
the materialities of everyday reality.’

What Would Jesus Buy?

Trailer for ,
a documentary about Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping,
produced by Morgan Spurlock.
I’m not convinced that Spurlock is the man to spread a good message,
but I sure would go to any church where Rev. Billy showed up.

Patrick Lichty Season – #2

One Language, Indivisible
One Language, Indivisible (2003, 20.9MB, 2:52 min)

Corporate Ritual
Corporate Ritual (2003, 5.4MB, 1:43 min)

Corporate Ritual
America’s Most Famous Mexican (2003, 9MB, 1:41 min)

‘Two!’ I hear you cry ‘Two! – WHEN WAS ONE!?’
Well it was April & I meant to post more
sooner only I was just plain dilatory.
Partly because the body of work Patrick has handed over
to us is simply somewhat overwhelming in volume & scope
& I’m actually a bit overawed.
So now I’ve grabbed the bull by the horns & am going to
post these three, which showcase Lichty the radical.
They’re funny, pointed and (always a good sign with political art
IMHO) really, really weird…
[Actually, coming back to revise this post, it occurred to me
I don’t think Swiftian is entirely hyperbolic]
There’ll be more before too long…

DualDual by Doron Golan and Brian Gibson

DualDual (2007, 90MB, 10:08 min.)

“Last week Doron and I walked around SoHo with identical cameras
looking for potential subjects. We began with a subway vent fuming
with smoke and found our way down West Broadway. The idea was
to pick a location and focus on the same subject from different perspectives.”

A slow burn of a piece from Doron & Brian.
I love the way it moves from an almost journalistic detachment to
the most ravishing & ravished joy in pure form & colour.
What’s also interesting is how seamlessly, actually, their
styles are melded here, especially given that both
have very distinct filmic identities.

Interesting. Interesting & luminous!

Nathaniel Stern – Sentimental Construction

 Sentimental Construction
Sentimental Construction (2007, 25.4MB, 6:31 min)

Nathaniel Stern took a bit of a hammering in various quarters for this piece,
made on a residency in Croatia.
I think there’s an probably an element of you-had-to-be-there about this
although, that said, I think the video is rather magical &
does as good a job of summoning the kind of ephemeral spell this stuff can weave
as any I’ve seen.
Lastly it has to be said the reason Nathaniel is great is because
(1) he has a frightening amount of energy, more indeed, really, than his fair share –
he starts 5 ‘isms’ before breakfast
(2) he is bold, unafraid to risk looking ridiculous & therefore quite often as an artist
he goes to much more interesting places than most…
In general I’ll take a Nathaniel “failure” over quite a lot of folks’ “success”.