Data Moshing with Eddie Whelan

caralion (2009, 10 MB, 1:03 min)

METALBEAR (2009, 11 MB, 44 secs)

atlas bear (2009, 9 MB, 54 secs)

There’s a wonderful strangeness and abandon to Eddie Whelan’s work.
Here he indulges in some rather winning datamoshing.
It all looks garishly gorgeous but the icing for me is his choice
and use of music/sound, which resonates very effectively with the visuals.
The lion piece, in particular, seems to me to be deeply melancholy, lovely
and pretty funny, all at the same time.

Two from Rick Silva

Colorado (2008, 93 MB, 8:41 min)

Massif (2009, 142 MB, 110:13 min)

Continuing a line of thought, of work, which seemed to begin with
his 2007 piece A Rough Mix Rick Silva creates two new pieces
in the wholly original style he has forged over the past few years.
(Contemplate those last words – it’s a rare claim to be able to make)
The two big themes seem to be landscape/environment & various
remixing practices ( of which Silva, of course, under various pseudonyms,
is a we-are-not-worthy master).
Thre’s a lot of greatly well-intentioned and almost equally dull “environmental” art
around, it being so zeitgeisty and all, but if this is how is could be
I want more.
Big downloads but, even if you’re on a slowish connection, well worth the wait.
(The movies here are obviously compressed & reduced in size -I would love to see them
full on in a gallery context!)

15 Minutes – Marque Cornblatt

15 Minutes – clip (1997, 8.2 MB, 5:09 min.)

Early clip made for the web.
Over the course of several weeks, guerrilla-style film and video crews followed
artists 24 hours a day, and along with actual news coverage, tell the tale
of taking the media and the art world hostage in an effort to manufacture
’15 Minutes’ of fame.
From Marque Cornblatt.

BYE-BYE BLUE SKY – disney NASA borg

BYE-BYE BLUE SKY (2009, 17 MB, 2:40 min)

“09.11.01__”Good Bye Blue Sky” remix of the 1982 film by Pink Floyd,
in response to the 9.11 terrorist attacks, footage remixed includes video
filmed from my Brooklyn rooftop on 9.11.01…raw and heavy handed,
but is indicative of the outpouring of emotional art made in response
to the attacks by multitudes of artists.”

By [dNASAb].

Brian Gibson – to the young, youth

to the young, youth (195?/2008, 13 MB, 2:04 min)

Poignant & beautiful work from DVblog contributor Brian Gibson
gently & quirkily re-configuring footage shot by his late grandfather
on a European visit in the 50s.

Brian’s work is always striking, always affecting, but the secret extra
ingredient is the luminous intelligence underlying everything he does.