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Gazira Babeli – iGods

16th June 2010 by doron
animation | arts | conceptual | exhibition | narrative | new media art | participatory | portraiture | second life | silent

iGods (2009, 34 MB, 8:20 min)

From doppelg


15th June 2010 by michael
community | ephemera | humor | satire | strange | tv | vlog

Amazing (2005, 4.1MB, 2:02 min.)

I found this in my DVblog to-do folder & embarassingly
I can’t remember when or from where I downloaded it.*
If anyone can oblige please mail us.
Anyway, it made me laugh quite immoderately.

* Update -the splendid Sam Renseiw rides to the rescue with
this link.

Brody Condon – DefaultProperties()

14th June 2010 by doron
animation | arts | gaming | installation | new media art | painting | silent | video

DefaultProperties() (2006, 6 MB, 30 sec.)

“The first in a series of re-interpretations of Late Medieval Northern
European religious paintings, DefaultPropeties(); is a non-interactive,
animated recreation of the baptism scene from the Triptych of
Jean des Trompes by Gerard David from 1505 using current game
development technology and visual styles.”
By Brody Condon.

Alan Sondheim: large tree-scan world images

11th June 2010 by michael
abstract | animation | arts | conceptual | experimental | landscape | nature | new media art | observational | serial | silent | video

treee (2006, 2.28MB, 1:03 min)

treees 3
treees 3 (2006, 5.86MB, 38 sec)

treees 8
treees 8 (2006, 9.15MB, 58 sec)

“similar to a scanning electron microscope, two images of a moving tree
with enormous detail were stitched together, warped, merged, and
analyzed at every stage. the result is a planetary configuration; one can travel
for at least an hour or two through the detailing. at times threads or
tubes appear; at times there are planes, sharpened edges, odd holes and
gaps. a tetrahedral mapping was employed.

it is this acute exploration of acute angles of inner worlds that
fascinates me. the mp4 file is small and an enormous amount of detail
is lost, but you get the idea. there are videos as well of course.
here is the resurrection of encapsulated movement-into-landscape of a
five-story tree outside the virtual environments laboratory at west

Alan Sondheim

Lynda Benglis – Contraband

10th June 2010 by doron
arts | community | cooking | documentary arts | exhibition | installation | interview | painting | participatory | video

Lynda Benglis – Contraband (2008, 26 MB, 2:20 min)

Artist Lynda Benglis discusses the process of creating Contraband
by pigmenting rubber latex and pouring it on the floor of her studio.
First recognized for

Donna Kuhn – Please Don’t Look Like A Pear

9th June 2010 by michael
arts | conceptual | dance | experimental | humor | landscape | music | new media art | observational | performance | poetry | politics | portraiture | video

Please Don’t Look Like A Pear (2010, 10 MB, 3:22 min)

I love Donna Kuhn’s work.
I’ve rhapsodised about it here before, so I’ll just note, first,
that she continues to develop in the most thoughtful & interesting of ways
& second that this video is very funny, poetic
& scarier than most horror movies.
( Donna: ‘people don’t believe that these are completely unembellished
craigslist personals ads’
To do all three – a coup!
More soon please Donna!

Brad Tinmouth – Flashbulb Memory

8th June 2010 by doron
arts | performance | strange | video

Flashbulb Memory (2009, 7.3 MB, 3:40 min)

By Brad Tinmouth.

Omar Souleyman – Music Video for ‘Leh Jani’

7th June 2010 by michael
arts | dance | documentary arts | music video | performance | video | YouTube

Leh-Jani (2007?, 10 MB, 3:22 min)

Omar Souleyman being the performer not the video maker,
whose name unfortunately I can’t find.
[STOP PRESS: Mark Gergis has got in touch to say he made the video.
Googling him has unravelled an interesting trail of audio & video work
which we hope to follow further in future]

Anyway the wonderful video ( & it is wonderful -even the cheesy ‘boxy’
effect which is used once & in exactly the right place -
& edit & pacing are pretty much perfect)
serves performer -what a voice!- & song admirably…couple of minutes
of sheer cool & utter exhilaration somehow
paradoxically delivered in the same package.
This is fast shaping up to be my favourite ever music vid,
and the album from Sublime Frequencies (they say they’re sold
out, but a little searching secured me a copy elsewhere) is as good
as this promises.
More to be found on Y**T***.

Max Moswitzer – Early Videos

4th June 2010 by doron
animation | archive | arts | documentary | experimental | film | new media art | politics | remix/mashup | video

RAMBO (1987, 5.6 MB, 2:32 min)

ZERO ONE KILL MY DESIRE (1988, 7 MB, 3:12 min)

Early videos by Max Moswitzer using found footage material,
video collage, remix and animation.
More Max Moswitzer here.

Kerry Baldry – Applause

3rd June 2010 by michael
arts | conceptual | experimental | film | observational | performance | video

Applause (2010, 104 MB, 1:02 min)

Last week we showed some of Kerry Baldry’s curatorial work,
now here’s one of her own pieces.

Says Kerry:

“Applause is a piece of work made on 16mm film.
Using superimposition and coloured gels Applause has been edited in camera …”

& its a smart & winning piece which punches above its weight.
It looks great & there’s something about the way the visuals work
that really illuminates the sound – the..er..um..applause-ness -
of the applause & this in turn directs us back, carefully, to the visuals.
(& both make us ponder it as a social phenomenon)
The piece made me listen attentively, mindfully, & then look &
listen & think & then do all three again.